Ability queuing

  • there seems to be a lot of things in this game which can be reduced to a certain %, but not be completely turned off. ability queuing is one of those things it seems. please make it so we can turn it off entirely, it’s not something I want in my PvP game.

  • What do you mean by “ability queuing” ?

  • spam an attack and when it goes off, another attack is instantly queued and goes off when your first attack has finished swinging due to the queuing system.

  • he speaks of the combo system i think.

  • That wont happen if your opponent blocks your first swing, so its not like you can keep swinging and hitting forever.

    Idk why so many people dislike the combo system… I love it

  • I believe he’s asking for a client side option to disable your own ability to combo, not for comboing to be removed. It makes sense if you mainly play with slow weapons IMO, accidentally comboing when you don’t want to can be fatal.

  • I dont get it, if you dont want to combo, just press the button ONCE?
    And if you use the mousewheel it works aswell, if you dont scroll down like crazy

  • The queueing is very annoying I notice it happen to me mostly when trying to block after a swing, so I end up mashing right mouse button which tends to do 2 blocks in a row because it queues it up during the animation of the first block.

  • I’m not sure if I just suck or if it’s a bad system but I often continue attacking when I don’t want to, and can’t get a combo off when I do.

  • once again, pressing the button ONCE helps

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