Transparent HUDs

  • Finally I got around to create this topic.
    atm there’s three modes to HUDs
    -objective only
    I would like to add one more mode:
    -Friends only - I mean come on, most people know what teh objective is but they might want to see their friends, this’d be a solution.
    And an option in the video menu regarding this would be great:
    -HUD transparent meter, I don’t like the solid state of the hud, it’s impossible to see what’s going on in the direction of a friend/the objective. Being able to adjust this would be great.

  • I agree with the friends only option.

    Also It’d be nice to be able to disable the kill feed.

  • Yes, it would be nice to adjust the transparency for HUD markers (objective and friends).
    I also agree that friends-only would be very desirable. The progress bars take up way too much screen space as they are (although being able to make them transparent would mitigate this somewhat).

  • Oh yea, I actually wanted to make this very same topic a few weeks ago but totally forgot it. This should be a thing cause the objective markers are really annoying (epecially on low resolutions)

  • As an individual who always turns off the HUD because of this, I would have to agree.
    I only turn the HUD on when I need to see the progress of an objective.

  • The friend indicator also sucks, I miss the old floating green names.

  • @Chimp
    Would be quite cool if you could make your own marker as well, kinda like tags in CS.

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