AOC-GoldenGrove - Easter Map

  • First of all, apologies for not finishing my previous map. mid term assignments, assessments and the my soul sucking hopelessness at making matinee do what it is supposed do meant I didn’t finish on time. Fortunately I am on midterm break now and making progress on this months entry, but no promises.

    So since I do have some sort of idea on how UDK works I decided to do a quick side project for a day and make an Easter themed map. I had hoped to have people capture Gold Eggs from the middle but apparently that is far more work than just swapping a skeletal mesh. So instead I left it as Capture the Flag. I also made a Last Team Standing, Duel and King of the Hill- sorry, Hole.


    Also sorry if is lags PCs I went a bit overboard with the Easter eggs

    Have Fun!

    Nice work lol

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