Third person equipment bugs

  • There’s a bunch of these, I think this is a pretty complete list, but feel free to add any and I’ll try to update it. To be clear: this means the model you see in third person and the model you see of other players in the world from first person.

    1. Short sword, sabre and cudgel don’t appear on model for secondaries as any class.
    2. Dane Axe is still duplicated on the model’s side when equipped.
    3. Heavy Flail is duplicated on the model after changing to and from a secondary.
    4. Daggers are shown on the wrong side of the character for the equip/unequip animations.
    5. Throwing weapons still appear when supply is exhausted.
    6. Aren’t the axes upside down? They should be like this right? Maybe that’s not one.
    7. Bearded Axe unequipped is missing
    8. Warhammer unequipped is missing
    9. Knight bastard swords disappear when changing from one-handed/shield to secondary/fists.
    10. Throwing axes are drawn from the opposite side in their animation.

    Now yes they’ve been around forever, and presumably they’ve not been fixed because either no-ones noticed or no-one cares. Maybe I’m just particular, and maybe I don’t have to count my fingertips every time I notice one of these. Maybe that’s indicative of a deeper seated problem.

  • The deeper seated problem is that you play 3rd person.

  • I love seeing a Knight who uses the Heavy flail and has a Broadsword as a secondary. It makes the Broadsword seem like it has some kind of Mace handle to it, since his side renders both his secondary and his primary.

    Also, aren’t the Bearded Axe, and maybe the Poleaxe(?) also still invisible on the back?

    On an off note: I hate how Agatha archers have their bows unequipped on their back, but love how Mason archers have their bows unequipped.
    On Mason archers it goes in a relatively horizontal to diagonal line, but with Agatha archers it just hangs vertically. I dunno, I just hate it :)
    Would be great if the unequipped bow on Agatha Archers was raised a bit, then it would look like this:

  • @dudeface:

    The deeper seated problem is that you play 3rd person.

    As in, visible on the third person model. As in the model of every player you see even when playing in the viewpoint god intended.

  • updated list #s 7 and 8.

    edit: and 9 and 10. Cripes there’s a lot of these.

  • ive been complaining in game since day 1

  • I know an easy way to fix all this, disable 3rd person.

  • You fail the reading and comprehension test.

  • Developer


    Yeah, so this stuff (other than 5 and 9) might be cleared up in the next patch. I might have just fixed them up and made unequipped the flail not look silly. As for the unequipped bows, the socket was actually in the same place but the mason archer’s got rotated differently at some point, I agree that’s a much better angle.

  • All is right with the world.

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