• @zombojoe:

    If you could riposte with shields javelins and flails would be reasonably usable in melee.

    Let’s not get too radical here, shall we?

    I still think flails should be somehow special and different from other weapons. Right now the light flail is identical to morning star except that it is shorter and slower, so why not make it different by considerably shorter combo times? Slow first strike but then you’d get the momentum and comboes would be Norse sword-like fast.

  • @Rickvs:

    And considering the title “Secondary”, it’s less important than a “Primary” and so it would be weird if you choose the Double Axe, and are still forced to pick the Heater Shield just because of your secondary.

    Why would that be weird?

  • @dudeface:

    Why would that be weird?

    Because it forces the player to rely on a more diverse playstyle, if that makes any sense.

    Same reason why duel-wielding isn’t in the game.

  • I don’t really get it. :S

  • Me neither.

    Being forced to take a heater for your secondary is no less of a burden than being forced to take one for you primary, it’s also not like the heater can’t be combined with the primary swords, which is something people have asked for the ability to do.

  • I’d love for the Heater shield to become available as just a normal tertiary too.

    But anyway, what Martys also said, I think a severe decrease in combo times would really help out the Flail.
    Once the swings starts getting some momentum you can actually be unpredictable with it.

  • I think it needs more damage. The normal flail 4 hits a knight with overheads. 4 hits a bloody MAA if you are unlucky.

  • Weakness about flails => shields.

    They should re-do shields to make them more like weapon parries, so that you could kinda use flails same way you could do with a mace.

  • There is some bigger problem in the game, why would anyone care about the flail, i’ll be glad if it’s trash forever, who seriously want to play against those crazy animation.

  • @lemonater47:

    I think it needs more damage. The normal flail 4 hits a knight with overheads. 4 hits a bloody MAA if you are unlucky.

    The Slash and Overhead will always kill in three hits. If we are talking about 4HTK, you’ll have to just use the shield bash, even shield-bash to the leg 4 times will kill them.

    The Spiked and Heavy flail isn’t really weak in terms of damage, it is slightly above maces. But the reach and being forced to use a shield along with it makes it a rather weak weapon.

    Unique feature about Spiked Flail is that it can kill a Vanguard with two overheads to the body, giving it a rather decent chance to kill them fairly quickly. While Heavy Flail is a tiny bit weaker than Warhammer, but has the chance of pulling of a 2HTK on a Knight.

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