Chivalry could use MOTD

  • That’s right, many PC games have Message of the Day (MOTD) which is basically like a mini browser window that takes you to the server owners home page, whether that be clan or server hosting service.

    It creates a better sense of community and would be nice to display some rules and conduct for servers. Especially the free Duel servers where noobs just come in and starting attacking people because they had no prior warning that the rules might be a tad different there.

  • As if people would even read it.

  • You may not but others do.

    It could contains useful info about the rules, reporting players and appealing bans.

  • i speak for the majority of players. If people have trouble reading rules for a tournament, what would make them want to read a MOTD?

    and by majority, I’m talking at least 90%

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    i speak for the majority of players. If people have trouble reading rules for a tournament, what would make them want to read a MOTD?

    and by majority, I’m talking at least 90%

    I mean server rules and stuff. No racism, abuse and stuff like that. Tells people where to go for ban appeals and reporting players and the like.

    And if they add it in as a new feature I’m sure most people would read it as its new its popped up in front of them.

  • we have it in our mod and im pretty sure soup has it in giant slayers as well, the problem is implementing something where you can enter your details for your server.

    right now if it was released it would say what it says on the modded servers,
    maybe some one knows how to finish the last part and enter your details for your server.

  • When I read thread title I thought you meant Match of the day.

  • I like them.

  • A MOTD would be super beneficial to someone like us. We host a great deal of popular community servers. A MOTD would help get the word out on events, News, Rules etc… we have going on. This is a definite needed feature. You would’ve thought it would have been implemented by now. I know about the mods. However you shouldn’t have to install Third party software for a MOTD.

  • TB: Could you please implement Message of the Day

    Monkeyfiend, I believe, said he was going to lobby for it. I’ve spammed this request in at least 3 patch notes threads. No official reply on the matter.
    And there have been threads on this matter since Dec 2012. Speaking frankly, it’s crazy how nobody from TB has actually deemed this issue worthy of a reply.

    I don’t care for any fancy banners or anything. I don’t care about showing rules. I don’t care who reads it or not. Just a short text like saying “Hey, visit our forum site! Check out our guides”, whatever. Its implementation shouldn’t be too time consuming.

    I play in a small community. We get no official server support. We have a separate forum where we post guides, discuss Chiv things, offtopic stuff, organize events and what not.
    But there’s literally no way of telling our players were or how they can find that forum. I don’t care about Bigbrotherbot or the RCON utilities. That stuff is not only hard to implement but also pretty unstable. It’s 2014 and A SERVER IS UNABLE TO LIFT A VERY PLAIN STRING FROM A CONFIG FILE. Wow so hard.

    Say you make a very fun and complex game. One you GOLD your game, your priorities should be:

    • Explain how the game works
    • Make it reliable
    • Give the community tools to grow

    TB has failed in this regard. 18 months since Chiv has been out? And still there’s no way to notify your players that there’s stuff going outside CMW.exe?
    It’s so common sense it hurts. How do you tell ppl specific Teamspeak channels exist? How do you tell them not to break some rules? How do you teach them how to play when the ingame tutorial sucks? Or when they can join tournaments?
    Torn Banner must think the official forums, and maybe Reddit are the solution.

    Well, no, they are not. There’s like a 100 ppl playin on my country and I must be 1 out of 10 who visit these forums.

  • I could easily say the same about simple and efficient server administration and remote administration. Shortly after release I posted several remote admin programs that are UDK based as well as reached out to HLSW since they support some UDK games for porting it to Chiv. I also posted some mutators that work with many UDK games.

    While we did get some assistance with the simple to set up and use ChivRCON tool created by a player in less than a month on his own works pretty damn well. It is a little buggy and crashes when the server is restarted and has a few minor bugs, it is easy to set up and run. Sadly updates have been abandoned.

    We did get it ported to Big Bother Bot but I have never been able to get it to install correctly and if you see what a freaking pain in the ass it takes to get it installed and up and running, no average player can do it. I do tech support and I have problems with it.

    The new patch has some nice features with map choice menus. IF they can do that, how hard is it to have a single INI file with a list of admin’s steam ID and they auto get logged on then have similar menus but more advanced with server controls?

    One still has hope……

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    i speak for the majority of players. If people have trouble reading rules for a tournament, what would make them want to read a MOTD?

    and by majority, I’m talking at least 90%

    can confirm, i never read MOTDs


    can confirm, i never read MOTDs

    yeah but sometimes they have sexy jpegs

  • chivalry could use a swift kick in the ass

  • I certainly support a MotD, especially since functionality is there in the unreal engine.

    A motd that contains a brief link to the servers website or server rules would be helpful. At the moment we use a custom plugin to send server rules messages as spam at set intervals. It’s fine if people just click through a MotD and don’t read it - but my clans rules are ‘no intentional TKing’ and ‘No racist language’. Also some people like to have a link to the clan for reporting issues/bookmarking etc.

    A MotD would at least mean people would have to see the rules (even if they choose not to read them)

  • This may be a pipe-dream but a Starcraft-esq main menu would be nice. Something more connected with the community and your “profile.” Have an integrated tutorial system with video’s you can watch and a community page that doesn’t just link to the Steam page with videos, guides, maybe even live broadcasts. I realize this is not going to happen anytime soon though, but for future games maybe? Would be nice.

  • the starcraft 2 UI is horrible dont even talk it about it man

  • Next UI patch maybe. Huhuhu

  • I read the MOTD once when I join the server to check if they have any special rules. After all whoever owns the server is good enough to let me use it, the least i can do is read their rules.

    MOTD is a no-brainer for any games with dedicated servers. How the fuck could you not include it?

  • @zombojoe:

    the starcraft 2 UI is horrible dont even talk it about it man

    I prefer a top down menu like Chiv has now as well but something like Starcraft’s capabilities and integrated systems when it comes to community, tutorials, live broadcasts, etc, are ballin. Telling people to not talk about things on a forum is kinda backwards, don’t you think?

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