My server shows up but it only loads when joining it

  • I have problem with my ded.server, I can see it in the server broswer ingame but I can not join it. I can join via the console and my friends can also join but only sometimes via the console. I have done the portforwarding that is required in my router and in windows firewall. When I look in steam in the “show servers” i can see it is there, but only if i write the internal ip when i write the external it says that the server does not respond. I have tried to disable both my routers and my pc´s firewall. My head explodes soon… please help :)

  • You are on the inside, you ALWAYS have to put the internal IP.
    One of the basic rules of networking. Internal folk can’t reach the external IP. You can’t really knock on the outside of the front door if you’re already inside, aye?

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