Neutral FFA models

  • Hey, I like playing FFA, it’s a fun game mode, but something has always bothered me about it. Every one is Agatha, just randomly fighting each other, and it seems kinda weird, you know? So then I remember something, there is a neutral Vanguard model who isn’t Mason or Agatha, but a templar. So I was thinking, maybe you guys could make neutral models for FFA that could be assigned randomly or be picked? You wouldn’t really need new models either, you could just reskin the ones you have with new colors and stuff. Of course this could come in at a later patch considering the game is so close to release.

  • I would prefer if the Mason models were used as well in FFA ( 50% chance at every map starting).

    PS: I freakin’ love your profile image <3.

  • XD the templars … yea i would really love to see that!!!

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  • Seems like a really good idea, I agree that it’s weird seeing Agathians run around killing each other.

  • Repaint all models with basic grey color, that will do the job done. Make also the ability to choose with which model you want to appear in ffa, neutral mason or neutral agathia. And lastly make the name appears in white when you kill someone. It doesn’t require a lot of work i think and will look a lot more polished. :)

  • At least change the models to Masons. It makes much more sense having them kill each other. (Look at the Tutorial!)

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