Logging into Chivalry and… I'm rank zero. Much sadness.

  • I think the last time I played Chiv was late December or Early January. I wanted to show my fiancee some javelin action and do a bit of overhead mauling today. But all my weapons are gone, along with my fancy helmets, and I can’t even get into some servers. This doesn’t look good. Can anyone help me? Am I even asking in the right place?

    I haven’t changed anything, same PC, same Steam account. Just updated game- I’m guessing it updated, I opened it from a launcher and the multiplayer server names were all yellow and green today.

  • Yellow servers means the server has some kind of mod on it that you’ll need to download if you try to enter it. Green servers are Low Rank servers where only players Rank 0-15 can join. The rank 0 bug isn’t permanent, you just need to join a different server and it’ll go back to your original rank.

  • I actually haven’t had the zero rank bug in months. Strange for it to pop up again.

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