Who wants to use the Barbarian faces…....

  • with the existing skins? As well as be able to use the existing helmets with the barbarian skins?

    Barbs are coming soon whether you like it or not and I see this as a good way to get more people on board with the idea as well as satisfy what a lot have players have been asking for, for a while now…. Beards for the existing character models.

  • The barbarian faces on actual model ? lol go sleep you’re drunk bro.

  • @Edmund:

    The barbarian faces on actual model ? lol go sleep you’re drunk bro.

    Why is that a bad idea? Everyone complained that the Elite Knight DLC faces were lame, so why not give the option of using the barbarian knight face with it instead? Seems like a good idea to me I’d do it……

    Plus I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want the option of using some of the existing helms with the barbarian skins. Am I not explaining this correctly or what??

  • Beards for the Knights! (and as Barbarians have beards… why not^^) or as Daniel Bryan would say it “RESPECT THE BEARD!”

  • Basically yeah. Elite Mason Knight with no helmet does not suit his voice but the barbarian version does. Because of beard.

  • beards…. don’t even need a sword just charge at the enemy an scream…

  • I’m trying to imagine a Barbarian Archer with a bald Mason Archer head on him. Or a Barbarian Knight with a peasant hat. Maybe some of these combinations wouldn’t work, but I’d say yes to bearded Knights.

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