No king bug

  • I have encountered this issue on both Stoneshill and Citadel now. I believe I could have caused it to happen on Stoneshill when i left and rejoined as King because I couldn’t reject the position for some reason. Anyway, as stated there will be no king on the last stage and the kill/defend the king marker is either gone or locked to the side of the screen.

    Here is a pic of the scoreboard on the last stage of citadel where you can’t see the crown icon in place of anyone’s class icon

    And here is the objective marker locked to the side of the screen

  • IIRC, this was caused by a spectating king. Not sure how it works exactly, as I always reject instead.

  • if you open teh console and reconnect after you’ve spawned, not as a king, but right before becoming a king this will happen. Or spectate, but I think they fixed it soyou can’t spectate if you will become king.

  • I’ve seen a weird no king bug, however I don’t know what caused it because I only just spawned and the king was hovering in the spawn. He couldn’t move or be killed.

  • Pressing F1 just as your about to become king causes you to lose as well.

  • He looks like he’s riding that dub axe Harry Potter style.

  • He’s training for the quittich cup

  • Nimbus 2000 :O

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