Help with Console Commands (Number of AI Spawned)

  • Hey guys how’s it going? I’m really curious as to one of the features in Chivalry. Here’s my question,
    Is there a way to limit the number of AI spawned (to a specific number, preferably unbalanced) in a single player (for now) mode? For example, using data I have on a different file, I want to be able to start an offline, single player match with say 30 Ai’s on Agatha and 20 on Mason (including myself).
    Is this possible?
    Furthermore, I want to be able to go straight from a single .exe file to the match (skipping the launcher if possible) and straight to my LTS Match. In other words, a different program would launch the game and round without any other player input. Does anybody know how to make a batch or execution file with the script to run this?

    If either of these are possible, please let me know and the corresponding script/ console commands.
    Thanks a ton!

  • on an online ai server you can only have 32 max, though unless you have a decent pc I wouldn’t recommend that many,
    and you have to think about what the average person’s pc can also handle, I have 18 on my server and seems to work good for people, though some people may want less for theirs

    as far as offline goes I don’t think its very many, like 10 or less,
    but you cant play all the maps with them offline though for some reason.

    maybe we can get an ai geared patch cause theres a lot of stuff that needs to be
    patched up and fixed on the ai side of things.

    an ai and bug fixing patch would do wonders for some of us :)

  • My PC is fairly old, not a powerhouse by any means, and I was playing in my own offline match yesterday with 31 bots. The max it allows you is 32 players, so -1 for yourself, 31 bots. I had minor lag spikes once in a while but still very playable.

  • Ah, got you. One question, how are you setting the number of AI’s per team?

  • @Woohoopy:

    Ah, got you. One question, how are you setting the number of AI’s per team?

    Console. If you created the match via the main menu, open console(default with the Tilde “~” key) and type "addbluebots <amount>/addredbots <amount>. Without the quotes of course. “addbluebots” adds Agatha bots, “addredbots” adds Mason bots.
    Replace <amount>with however many bots you want on that team.

    If you’re hosting, or are admin of, a dedicated server, you must first login as an admin and then type “admin” before the command.
    Example: “admin addbluebots 5”.</amount></amount></amount>

  • Awesome, thanks a ton! Now I just have to figure out how to make a batch file that runs UDK commands…

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