[WIP]Fortfication contest - Encampment

  • Hi everyone!

    So this is my map Encampment, the name will probably change but I haven’t come up with a good one yet, any suggestions?

    Anyway, the map consist of three objectives and the masons are the attacking team. The map takes place in the night.

    Link to workshop:

    First objective is that the masons needs to kill villagers in the village. They need to kill 20 of them(there are a few more than 20 but not all of them needs to be killed). This objective should mainly be a stalling thing for the defenders, I doubt that the defenders actually manages to stop the attackers from killing the villagers so it is more about stalling.
    The village is a mix between open areas and small narrow paths. There are alot of stone fences to take cover behind and place archers.
    The attackers have two ways in to the village, one shorter path that is blocked by a barricade that needs to be smashed. It doesn’t take alot of hits but gives the defenders time to take place over the wall.
    The other way is longer but with no barricade.
    The villagers are mostly in two areas, the square in the middle of the village and by the fancy house in the north. A few villagers are running around in other places but I wanted the villagers to be concentrated in few areas to make it easier to defend.

    Second objective is a push objective. The masons need to push a battering ram and batter down gates. The way to push is quite long and it is a mix between a narrow push over a bridge to more open areas. There are hills and other good archer spots to help the defenders.

    The last objective is to kill the king in the military camp. The camp is rather small by design because I don’t want the attackers to have to run far to get to the action everytime.
    In the camp the attackers can choose between two different paths, one longer but thats alot harder to defend and one shorter with a difficult bottleneck to get past.
    The defenders can spawn at two different locations to make it a bit random so it is not clear which path is the best to attack.
    The actual king area has a few different options. First there is the obvious one which is the tent, place the king inside and have someone or several defend the entrance. However if the defenders die the king will then be trapped inside with nowhere to run which is not very good.
    The other option is to have the king by the tactics table or perhaps behind the house to keep it more open but harder to defend.
    It will be interesting to see if the defenders try to defend the differnt entrances to the king are or if they all just stay close to the king and defend him that way.

    There are several things that are not finished yet which I am hoping to get finished this week.
    It includes:

    • Changing lights. I recently decided to alter the directional lights and make everything a bit brighter, however this means that most of the lights from the lamps needs to be changed since now there are several lights that is barely noticable that there actually is a light there.
    • Add details. This is the big thing left, basicly the map needs alot more stuff. Things like barrels, food, bushes and trees. The camp really has nothing of this, the village has some but needs more.
    • Fix terrain, just make mountains and stuff seem more natural and also paint the textures better.
    • Balancing. Here I need your help, if you play the map please let me know if one teams always seems to win or is generally overpowered. Are the spawns at the correct lenght from the objective and stuff like that. More or less, every feedback I can get from you about the gameplay of the map is really valuable.

    Lastly some screens:

  • Changed all the images now so they are viewable in the browser.

    Been doing alot of work on the level but haven’t uploaded the changes yet, hopefully will do that tomorrow.

  • Nice to see my fellow classmates post their maps. This one starting to look really good, and I do think it plays quite well. The camp in the end looks awesome in a distance. Good work :)

  • As long as you can slaughter the Peasants… Im your man, errr, Dolphin.

  • @KamikazeeDolphin:

    As long as you can slaughter the Peasants… Im your man, errr, Dolphin.

    Don’t you mean “Filthy Peasants” hehe ;)

    This is looking pretty good, i’m interested to see more progress on this :D

  • Doubt anyone tried my map yet but just uploaded a new version :P.

    Alot of changes in this one, it is alot less obvoius closed off. So you can actually see alot further and not closed off by mountains all the time.
    Also changes in lightning and added alot of small stuff like barrels

  • Getting close to the deadline now. I’m not as far along as I want to be so gonna have to put in alot of time this week. Stills need some small details and clutter and then I need to do some technical stuff like adding more hudmarkers

  • wow great looking map so far…

  • Thank you :)

  • Just uploaded a new build, more detail and a few technical things have been fixed. Tomorrow I will make the final bugfixes and fix some other technical stuff. Probably will make a last pass at adding detail.
    Seems like it takes forever to add it to the server for some reason so thats a shame.

    Thanks for all the feedback guys

  • I have now uploaded the final version for the first stage of the competition.
    I am overall quite pleased with the map but wouldn’t mind having a few more days to work on it.
    I built it with production lightning and then I realised I forgot to add a light to Agathas second spawn so it is complete darkness and now I don’t have the time to rebuild it again, crap :P

    To bad it was never added to the official server but hopefully some of you got a chance to try it in some other way.

    If the feedback is good I might work on it some more for the next stage.

    Good luck in the competition to you all :)

  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.

    Encampment Map Feedback**
    General Map Feedback

    • Collision issues on the hillside just outside the mason spawn
    • Pushable was way too long. Better spawn for defenders on king objective.
    • Good Visuals


    • Indication to break door
    • Very Roundabout paths to get to objectives
    • Peasant objective area needs some design work
    • Peasant objective completed after killing just one peasant


    • There is a lot of flat landscape, should try to get more elevation in this part of map or even cover.
    • Pushable is too long.
    • Needs forward spawns about halfway through.


    • Was not functioning properly.

  • Thank you for the feedback!
    Really stupid of me to upload a version shere you only had to kill one peasant, I used that for testing and forgot to change it before I uploaded, realised a few hours later but then it was past the deadline.
    I do agree that my weakest area is the push area, need to do big changes there to make it work.
    What were the issues on the last objective? Every time I tried it, it has worked the way it should.

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