Mail : Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta Key

  • Hello, i’ve a little problem :

    I preorderer the game with kickstarter few weeks ago (25$ so with no beta).
    I 've got a beta key with curse giveaway and yesterday i receive a mail untitled " Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta Key ", so i gave this key to a friend for playing together and he said he cant play the beta … ?
    Then i came back to the mail and saw that its wasn’t a beta key but my kickstarter key. Well, its my mistake, but not entirely the mail title was wrong. Do you know how to make an exchange ? Or cancel the given key and send me another one ?

    (Well maybe my friend will buy the game so he ll send me a gift but its not sure…)

    Thanks !

  • Halp one of your backers Chiv’ team :) !

  • Please send in the key your friend used with all of your pledge details to They might be able to do something for you.

  • Thanks for the advice, mail send.

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