Employment Recruiter…..

  • So it has been a few months since I posted my resume online. Since then I get at least 2 emails about “following up” , “request for an interview”, “fortune 500 company” and on and on about how great they are and the positions they have available with training! sounds great right?

    That is till you find out they are a insurance or financial company wanting sales reps. Which of course is the furthest thing from my field of interest. They fail to tell you things like you have to get certified in your state and that you are an independent contractor with its own headaches. Most of these emails are automated spam emails but on occasion there is a real person attached to it.

    So what I have been doing is responding to the email simply stating that no where in my resume does it say I am interested in sales, specially bs financial products they want me to whore out to my friends and family with crappy products. I have also embedded a copy of GOATSE. If you dont know what GOATSE is and are not easily offended, google it.

    Well I finally got a response…… and I quote:

    “Todd – my email wasn’t spam, but I can guarantee you I won’t send another email to you, point made – you win.”
    Desirae Broadhead
    Recruiting Supervisor

    I consider this a victory and clearly I have won the internet!

  • Desirae Broadhead then goes on to use her wide array of connections to mention that you sent her an image of a distended rectum, complete with droopy testicles. Your resume is now associated with disgusting pornography in the local area.

    Be careful, even the most ambiguous of interactions can have wide ranging repercussions if they know the right people, and so see it fit to make you unemployable.

  • Congratulations, you are a fucking idiot. :chuncky:

  • Insurance sales, car sales, insurance recruiters, are up there with politicians and lawyers. I really dont give a crap about them. When they spam unsolicited emails from very less than reputable companies, and trust me I google those companies and most are borderline scams with lots and lots of complaints, it is about time they get a little something in return. Here is her Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/desirae-broadhead/b/811/235
    and the company she works for: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/PMA-USA-Conseco/Sterling-Colorado-80751/PMA-USA-Conseco-Performance-Matters-Associates-Bad-Company-to-Work-For-Dont-Train-Fiel-614542

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