HELP with applying effects to specific players

  • Hello.

    Try as I might, I have not been able to display text or apply the drunk effect on a specific player.

    I need to give the drunk effect to players in a certain part of my map, and I would like some text to display saying something like “you are drunk”.

    In the Tavern map there are a bunch of mead barrels you can drink from.
    In Kismet they use a AOCTriggerVolume with the “Display Sub Crosshair Text” to say something like “press E to drink” and then a ‘use trigger’ to apply the drunk effect. This is all connected to a purple circle with 3 question marks in it “???”.

    I think this means any random player who decides to use it gets assigned to this ‘???’ spot, but when I try to do this in my map it does not work at all. I believe it has something to do with the ‘???’ circle not working because I have triple checked and understand everything except this ‘???’ thing.

    Any insight on how to apply effects/text to specific players who use things would be awesome.

    Also, I am leaving until the 30th, and I will only have one day to figure out how to do this when I return. I would really like to have this feature in my map so any help is greatly appreciated.

  • yeah you need to make sure you have all the effects set up on the post process chain - there are TB default ones or look at the one I fiddles with for the Grail Castle Map

  • Are you plugging the empty variable (???) into the instigator output of the event?

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