[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Naval Fort

  • Description:
    The Agatha knights are sent as a backup squad to aid the siege of a naval fort defended by the Mason Order. The fort protects the port which ties to a very important trade route. Capturing it would secure control over supplies to further fuel the war.
    The Agatha knights must take the fort and kill the admiral before he escapes and alarms the fleet. The mission relies on stealth and opportunity, failure is not an option.

    Objective 1: Sieze / Defend the Village
    Objective 2: Breach / Defend the Gate
    Objective 3: Kill / Defend the Admiral


    Updates: 2014-04-23 Updated textures
    Updates: 2014-04-23 Updated textures
    Updates: 2014-04-23 Updated textures

  • Stealth would be a great element to see implemented into a map! Keep up the good works!

  • That screenshot looks great man. Keep us all updated with more pictures!

  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.

    General Map Feedback**

    • Good Visuals
    • Like the Design of the first Area.
    • Sparse Cover
    • Dead Ends (areas players can go to, long and winding, with nothing but a wall at the end.)


    • Light on the Pushable is smart
    • Consider increasing the size of the playspace after the first gate, making for a long part two of the pushable.
    • Add more tactical elements supporting stoppage of the pushable.


    • Too easy to bring down gate
    • Second area needs design work. It is just a bridge and a hill with some buildings filling it out. Consider flow and scene composition improvements.
    • Path to the rooftops is not clear. One upon the roof, the collision will not allow running along them


    • Upon completion of the gate, the final objective did not progress.
    • Supposed to be a King?
    • Could not access the playspace for feedback.

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