[WiP] Fortification Contest - Arabian Knights

  • Hi,

    I’m a bit late to the party but I too have been busy building a map for this contest. The map is hopefully done soon and consists of the following objectives:

    1. Kill the villagers

    2. Push the Battering Ram

    3. Kill the King

    The map is built around a Arabian themed city with lots of buildings with open spaces as well as narrow streets for close combat. There are lots of vantage points where archers can post themselves. Will post some screenshots soon.

    Edit: The name has been changed to Arabian Knights and it should be playable now. Removed/blocked off the second bazaar to center the gameplay more around the big market. Still need to adjust some more things, but it is getting there.

  • Should call it “Arabian Knight” :D

  • Nice one, maybe I will ;)

  • It is a joke ? Naming a map knight !?

  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.

    General Map Feedback

    • Peasants need to be a bit more localized. I had no idea how to defend them
    • Map doesnt lead you anywhere. Seems very deathmatchy.
    • Need to indicate on the scoreboard how many peasants are left.
    • Need to prevent people from moving to the next objective areas. Gettting lost alot. Needs more tall points of reference
    • Couldn’t progress from the first objective.
    • Very Dark. Feels like Lightmass/Global Illumination were not used.

  • Here are my thoughts about this map. Please note that I ignore stuck spots and other glitches and instead focus on actual gameplay. I will note about gamebreaking bugs but otherwise I leave them be.

    I will also be playing with maximum graphics settings and will note if something doesn’t look quite right or is too bright or dark.

    If you have any questions or need clarification, I will gladly provide answers.

    Arabian Knights


    • The lighting is very nice and athmospheric. It does give that arabian vibe.
    • The decorated rooms look extremely nice but are very resource hungry. Try making them a little less detailed.

    Stage 1

    • This stage desperately needs progress indicator.
    • The high enterable buildings are way too dark while the player characters are clearly visible in them. Apparently this is caused by missing skylight.
    • The might be too large and difficult to defent effectively. Try cutting some of the corners off.

    Stage 2

    • Very little cover from archer fire. Try adding some palisades around, whole mason team cannot fit behind the ram for cover.

    Stage 3

    • The king has too good defensive position. Mason has to do a long walk every time and it is very easy to get killed by archers on the way since the courtyard is so open.
    • The king being practially immune to archers as long as he stays in palisade circle is not a good idea. Remove the archer cover or mason will have no chance killing the king.
    • Play area might be too large. Kings are generally tough to take down, with area this large it might prove to be impossible if competent player is playing the king.

  • Quick list:

    • awesome map!
    • needs progressbar or numbers in scoreboard for how many villagers are/need to be killed
    • too dark in the shade/shadowy spots but I generally love the lighting
    • the progressbar for the door ramming didn’t disappear after it was successful and it went on the king objective (for all players)
    • the King has way too much cover of archer fire (the wooden barricades in the middle)
    • fluctuating FPS in the courtyard (king objective)
    • 2 overlaying hud markers on the moving cart
    • 3 overlaying progress bars on the ramming (first one, then at 60% suddenly 2 bars, then at 90% suddenly 3 bars)

  • I played this map earlier and we couldn’t get passed the first objective. There was a 1 peasant left that just vanished from the map.

    Other than that, the map looks very nice!

  • I did feel the map lacked in sound especially at the first objective. A great example is the Stoneshill map with the bell in the background. It just makes the map more immersive.

  • This post is deleted!


    i like the look and feel of the map. I don’t have a LOT to say on this map as far as feedback but i agree with andrew that the peasants are pretty scattered out, no markers to indicate where they are but at the very least you should get some sort of counter to know how many are killed/left. I also agree with andrew that they are spread out too much to defend… i guess of course you could just defend one group of them but still. Kind of too many choke points to hold there.

    Also noticed that for the king objective there is no marker for the king. With the last objective to defend the king being VERY open with lots of escape and kiting routes, knowing where the king is is pretty crucial. Right now he can hide about, run around all over the place and you’re not really sure where to attack from as he can go all over and there’s no indication of where he is.

    The objectives are simple enough, didn’t get confused at all on what to do so that’s pretty good… overall a good simple map but those 2 changes to peasants and the king i would make… would seeem pretty simple to change i think.

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