Server Browser Disconnecting Internet Temporarily

  • Hey guys. This last week, very frequently I’ll load up the server browser, go to join a server and my net will drop out and I’ll get the please wait error for a long time and it’ll just conk out. Any idea what causes this?

  • I’ve also tried disabling my anti virus and my ingame server browser setting was already set to 500… Sometimes just opening the server browser disconnects me.

  • Is it causing your router to reboot or something?

  • Not too sure what’s going on. It’ll disconnect me from steam, and then it’ll come back eventually. If I alt tab I can sometimes still use the internet, sometimes can’t. It’s strange and annoying.

  • I had a rubbish router once that would die if it received too many incoming ping replies.

  • You can try lowering the number of pings/minute in the steam options:

  • Thanks for the replies. I’ve already set it to 500 ages ago. Not too sure if there’s a chivalry setting I maybe have to change or something. Quite frustrating.


  • I have the same issue… kinda… how is this even possible?
    Also this happens only since last update (26) and I cannot see a lot of gameservers which should have a low ping (50-100) for me. They seem to be up according to, but are not visible on my serverlist. If I try to join via console (open <ip>) nothing happens.</ip>

  • I get the wait please wait while the game loads message for ages and no response sometimes as well :(

  • Can you try renaming the config folder in your documents / my games / chivalry area?

    There might be issues if your configs have old favourites servers that don’t exit any more and the. Game is trying to poll them? If it doesn’t work you can always rename your conduit folder back again

  • I am about 90% sure its your wifi, correct me if I’m wrong.

  • also posting a copy of your launch.log might highlight any issues, looking for steamworks disconnects and the like

  • I’m not sure which config file too delete sorry :/

    I attached the launch file as well. (Changed it to a .txt file) I’m only seeing very few servers in the browser at the moment. Can’t even find a TO one.

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