Fortification Map Contest - Mountains Fort

  • New!!! Title:The Lion’s Mouth

    Work in progres!

    Link to map -

    It’s a fmc map, but i still working on this.

    My own server:
    (type “open” in cosole, then space and paste/type this IP)

    3 objectives: Burning of the wall, gate opening, and Family killing.
    Notes: “5 torches on the each side”(1st stage)
    Not another game mods yet.

    I would’t advise to use bots(AI navigation sistems are not checked)

    Coming soon:CaptureFlag and TeamDeathmatch.

    Some message mistakes.
    Some ligting bugs.
    I haven’t cheked this with 32 and more players.

    If you have problems, please report in thread!!!
    Any information will be usefull.

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  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.
    General Map Feedback**

    • Good Visuals
    • Could not get past the first objective.
    • Various collision issue where landscape meets the building remnants.
    • Burning the Wall is confusing. It takes multiple hits, but gives no indication of that.
      After burning the wall, the door opened, but the objective failed to progress. Much time was spent attempting to burn other elements, but to no avail. Unable to move past stage one.

  • Updated.
    Changed name!
    Large visual changes.
    Last stage was rebuilt.
    Added “HUD makers”.(1st stage).
    Changed lighting.
    AI systems were added.

  • Hi Andrew. Can you add my map in beta testing? If my map has some problems, i would like to get “General Map Feedback”

  • After playing this map a bit I can say that i enjoyed it a lot. The first objective where you had to burn the wall was something I was glad to see, I feel more maps could use objectives like that. Visually it is nice. One notable part that was beautiful was the walkway to the castle gate. A few parts could use some work like the blocky holes in the ground and the hilarious bug where all the bodies are doing the worm at the beginning. Other than that though, I enjoyed it!

  • I played this on the test server earlier today, and I enjoyed it but it wasn’t without it’s problems.

    To start off, I chose to be an archer to take advantage of the plain area in front of the barricade. There is no cover for the attacking team as they get past the roadblock.

    The stairs on the left side of the barricade slow me down for some reason. As I grab ammo and make my way back up, my character’s speed drops dramatically and doesn’t recover until I reach the top.

    Finally, on my playthrough I noticed the optional objective. People were complaining that the stairs up didn’t have collision and therefore couldn’t be climbed.

    I like the concept of the map, it just has little picky bits that bring it down. :)

  • It seems sometimes the attackers spawn back at the first spawn during the 3rd objective, Destroy.

  • Map: Lionsmouth (Only played first objective):

    Visual: Aesthetically pleasing

    Balance [Mason](First objective):

    Lots of cover from archers, multiple pathways. No major issues.


    Able to get out of the map here, and get to Agatha’s spawn. If it’s abusable for more than spawn killing Im unsure.


    Would like to see more of the map before making a verdict

  • -torches need markers, very difficult to find them without the markers

    • second objective needs markers and descriptions (nobody knew what to do in the server)

    • burn markers dont all disappear after 1st objective is completed

    • destroy marker doesnt show progress in the 3rd objective

    • ballistas are really annoying since you always bottleneck up the stairs in the 3rd objective

    • archer bunker is OP, cant get to those archers at all

    • masons should spawn outside the castle in the 3rd objective, way too much running and trying to navigate the walls, on top of having to navigate the rivers

    • the rocks had really bad collision on the rivers, very easy to get stuck and hard to move around

  • this map is very nice!

    and I dont mind dead bodies were dancing :D
    I’ve found it very funny

    really nice castle, when u finish HUDs and descriptions and other “details”…
    this map will be one from those not forgotten I say!

    well done :)

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