FFA Customization Bugged

  • Mason and Agatha customization works and the changes you apply show on your character (in the customization menu). FFA customization on the other hand seems to be permanently stuck in this god-awful customization with a white hawk and a black surcoat, on all classes. The changes you make do not properly show on the preview and the emblems aren’t what the text says.

    However, your changes show when you’re in game. So if I want to make changes to my FFA customization, I have to die a dozen times to get it right. And even then, I can’t see myself from the front. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • We really need ten threads on this don’t we.

  • I didn’t see any on the first page so I just assumed there wasn’t one.

  • TB needs to slow down on the content, and get to fixing things, we love them, and we don’t want to see their game fail because of glitchy gameplay. I’ll eat weeds if war of the roses becomes the no1 medieval combat game.
    TB please invest some money, time, whatever into coding/ coders, and fix all of the weird clunky glitches in the game? thanks <3

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