Game never gets past launcher

  • Launcher loads up fine, but once I click play nothing happens, and steam goes back to showing me as not in game. I can’t find any solutions online, tried varifying integrity of game cache and running in safe mode with no help there either. I’m in the process of reinstalling but that didn’t seem to help people.

    Never used to have this problem, only started happening once I got a new (better) graphics card. I’m on windows 7 64-bit, any help appreciated. :dispirited:

  • I have the same probleme , if someone can answer us :)

  • can you try launching the game directly from \Steam\SteamApps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\Binaries\Win32\cmw.exe (or win64) if that works it’s a problem with the launcher, if it doesn’t it’ll be something up with the game or configs

  • Well if the only change was a new graphics card, I would start there. Make sure you have the latest GFX card drivers. If that doesn’t work, try their beta drivers. Again if that doesn’t work then start using older drivers till you find one that works. Also, did you add in any command line commands or make any INI tweaks when you had your older card? IF so remove them and or delete your and UDKSystemSettins.ini and restart the game. The game will regenerate them to defaults settings.

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