[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Harvesters demise

  • Hi all. I have decided to use this competition as a really good excuse to tidy up my environment art skills, So here goes!

    I should also let you know that my first thread (The ‘unnamed swamp map’ one) never ended up happening as it really just did not work out. So i have come up with a small 12 person map that is far less epic.

    So first off, the map idea.

    The basic theme of this map is ‘harvesting’ so its set in a large field that resides beside a cliff. that just happens to have a fantastic bit jutting out that has an enormous statue of King Feydrid.

    Mason hate this place, and want to destroy the statue. Knocking it off the cliff and into the canyon below is the best idea. And it involves explosives.

    Map Plan

    Assets Made so far:

    Modular House pieces
    (I could probably release this package to be up for download once this competition is over. would people like that?)

    My goal for this map is to make as many unique assets as possible, While keeping it in the theme of Chivalry.

  • Hey I really like your rock. my only suggestion is the detail on parts of it doesn’t feel organic to me. its as if someone has craved with a knife or stick to create the lighten areas.
    The bottom of the rock looks natural but the middle part where the highlighted areas look more square don’t.

    Hope I didn’t offend.
    Keep it up. :)

  • Thanks for the critique! Im still fluffing away at the texture, The color is still a WIP.
    Here is an edit to the contrast

  • Oh wow that’s way better. Awesome job !! :)

  • Thanks! Now onto a bunch of other rock setpieces.

  • Changed the inital rock up a tad, made it more pronounced.

    Also got started on the map layout. nothing much yet, but i have an idea for the scale. (and made some swaying grass!)

  • Making a modular house system. Using a few of TBs house textures, a few personal ones and some from CGtextures(they fit the theme pretty damn good, so why remake what isn’t broken)

  • Quick question for anyone with the knowledge.

    What is the size limit for the workshop? I don’t want to blow any chances of uploading this thing because of size restrictions (I also want to keep it small for other reasons, namely getting people to actually download it!)

  • Woohoo, Kitbash is working. Although I do Need to adjust the scale on a few pieces.
    Now to make a blank scene and create some prefabs :D

  • Made the environment more dynamic. Since this map is rather small in scale compared to most (All the objectives take place in a small area)

    Breakable fences:

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