[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Seaside

  • Making a map where the agathians are attacking the masons when a route opened up on a cliff face, allowing the attack to occur behind where the masons were expecting. The premise is sort of based on the London arch.

    First objective:
    Build a catapult and use it destroy the Mason’s barricade.
    requires at least two people to stand around a broken catapult for a time then the fixed catapult replaces the broken one. This is all working fine except the fixed catapult can still be used before it’s even there, there’s a screenshot that shows what I mean, if anyone has any solutions then go for it.

    Second objective:
    Cross the lake.
    about to start working on this one, the agathians will have to form a bridge made of chains which are launched via ballista. Agathians will spawn at the broken barricade and the Masons will spawn all around the forest area to get a guerrilla warfare feel. I plan to add some traps to this forest area.

    Third objective:
    Free the prisoner.
    After crossing the lake the agathians will need to get into a castle tower’s dungeon and break the lock to a cage containing the agathian king. if it’s something that’s possible to do I want to have the top agathian player become this king and the top mason player will become the king and spawn in a previously blocked off room upstairs. Basically two kings, first to die loses.

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