[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Seaside

  • Making a map where the agathians are attacking the masons when a route opened up on a cliff face, allowing the attack to occur behind where the masons were expecting. The premise is sort of based on the London arch.

    First objective:
    Build a catapult and use it destroy the Mason’s barricade.
    requires at least two people to stand around a broken catapult for a time then the fixed catapult replaces the broken one. This is all working fine except the fixed catapult can still be used before it’s even there, there’s a screenshot that shows what I mean, if anyone has any solutions then go for it.

    Second objective:
    Cross the lake.
    about to start working on this one, the agathians will have to form a bridge made of chains which are launched via ballista. Agathians will spawn at the broken barricade and the Masons will spawn all around the forest area to get a guerrilla warfare feel. I plan to add some traps to this forest area.

    Third objective:
    Free the prisoner.
    After crossing the lake the agathians will need to get into a castle tower’s dungeon and break the lock to a cage containing the agathian king. if it’s something that’s possible to do I want to have the top agathian player become this king and the top mason player will become the king and spawn in a previously blocked off room upstairs. Basically two kings, first to die loses.

    Right now I want to release what I have as a Free for all map, not really sure what’s involve in the scripting for this though.

  • Update

    the second objective has been sorted out and a free for all map is up on the workshop titled “Seaside FFA (betaish test)” so people can play around, check out the level design and hopefully provide some feedback.

    Currently working on designing the third and final stage and it’s objective.

    Still have a problem with the catapult in the first part, it can be used when it’s toggled off and hidden, not sure how to fix that.

  • We can update the map while waiting for the first round? I thought than we are not allowed.

  • Haven’t updated this thread in a while, oops.
    So the map should be fully functional, as in all the objectives work but something weird could happen serverside that don’t know about yet.

    The objectives are:
    1. build a catapult (requires two people to stand near a broken catapult for 30 seconds)
    2. destroy the barricade with the catapult, it’s actually possible to do this just with your melee weapons
    3. shoot two targets with a ballista, this sort of shoots chains across. platforms are placed down onto these chains to form a bridge as the attackers move forward.
    4. break the lock to free agatha’s king
    5. whoever breaks the lock becomes the king and the guy at the top of the mason scoreboard will become mason’s king, spawning a level above argon but he will be blocked off for 15 seconds.
    if the time runs out after this, malric dies or argon makes it back to the very start agatha wins. if argon dies masons win. before the king is freed, if the time runs out masons (defenders) win.
    Argon starts with no weapons, however there are weapons in a few bodies nearby that only he can pick up. right now there’s the choice of dane axe, claymore, maul and hatchets, messer, norse with heater shield and Zweihander.

    Scripting and layout is done unless I get some feedback indicating something needs to be changed. All I have left to do is fix up the textures and shadows, they’re functional but not great.
    link to the workshop file: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=261777339

  • last minute change but the link is now (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=278795734) because the SDK has trouble updating files.

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