[WIP] Fortification Contest Level - AOCTO - Twisted Fate

  • About me :

    Hello Fighter !
    It’s been a year I think that I am playing Chivalry and maybe some of you will recognize my pseudo ;) (even though I can’t play as much as before). I found this contest a bit late but I still wanted to give it a try since there is so many way to play at chivalry !

    By the way, it’s my first time using udk, hence tell me if something seems wrong.

    Context :

    Total of 5 different objectives but only 3 of them will be activated according to the course of the game (depending if the first objective is achieved or not, a different objective will be activate). Why did I do that? Because I though it will be more original and realistic in a way to change the pattern of the game according to the result of the action of each team.
    Explenation : If you are winning in a battlefield, you move forward but if you are attacking and losing, you have to back away.

    Objective 1 : Mason must capture 2 building near to the beach, if they succeed they go to the second objective, if they fail it’s at the Agatha turn to attack in the 2* objective.

    Objective 2 : the Mason’s team need to take the raft to pass the river in order to destroy the 3 ballista. Afterwards, they will have to bring a cart to the wall, climb the ladder which was inside the cart and open the city’s gate.

    Objective 3 : (this objective is not playable for now) a treasure chest will spawn in 3 area possible which are protected by destructible walls that hardened if you break the wrong wall (if you take down the wrong one out of the three, the two others will take you more time to break it…).
    A hint will be put somewhere inside the Agatha spawn area.

    Objective 2* : it’s the counter attack of Agatha’s team, they attack the Mason’s camp, blue team must destroy one of the two gates of the camp.

    Objective 3* : For now it’s a simple “kill the king”. But in fact I want to spawn 3 king and only one of them is the real one (like in the past when they use substitute to protect the real one from danger). Find him and kill it.
    So why I couldn’t do it is because I don’t know how to select the king among the 3 top mason’s player for example.

    From my point of view, chivalry player is a gameplay where you have to be accurate and pay attention to what is surrounding you. I wanted to exploit this fact so you will be able to discover strategical place and even hideout. Just stay alert and logical ;)

    Screenshots :

    Map in whole when objective 1,2,3 are activated

    Map when objective 1,2*,3* are activated

    Some view.

    Any feedback is welcome of course.
    I had to go through a lot of tutorial but I couldn’t find everything I needed so if any of you have some tip or any good/complete website, I take it.

    My problem as far :

    1. In the kismet, the event “TakeDamage” on a AOCSWBallista is not working with me (so it doesn’t trigger the next event, but in the game, when we play it, it does take damage and break) does someone knows how to fix that?
    1. Some tip to use the brush? ( How to make realistic texture…)

    **Other links :

    **Workshop :http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=254021587&searchtext=twistedMore screenshot in the workshop :

  • The variable objective will be nice!

  • Hi. The thing i found with making textures, are play with the textures scale settings. Depending on the type of texture you are using sometimes you need to make the texture it self bigger . Not only that but if you have a Wacom depending on how much pressure you use it can blend the textures together nicely.

    Here is a good youtube video just about the basics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCH1Ciy05_A If you play around the the terrain cords * the bight and colorful texture inputs in the video, that changed the size of the texture you are using.

    Hope this is helpful and what you were after.

  • thank you for the feedback!

    Thanks CuddleBunnie, the url confirm what I thought but my problem was more about the scale of the materials on the static mesh (don’t know if I formulate it correctly, tell me if it’s not understandable).
    Sorry I wasn’t precised when I asked. Do you know about that too?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.

    General Map Feedback**

    • Too Dark
    • Lacks contrast, flat
    • Massive. Too big.
    • Needs more designed playspace. Presently flat landscape with trees.
    • Poor spawn orientation


    • Gate inside spawn is a dead end.
    • Objectives should be (approximately) midway between the team spawns.


    • Pulley rafts are cool, but sitting duck for Ballista.
    • Sparse cover.
    • Teammates can potentially get stuck outside the spawn building when the doors close.


    • Spawn is way too far from the pushable.
    • Ladder is jarring and confusing.
    • Don’t use ladders. Vertical climbing in a melee game is disastrous. One person can effectively lock down the ladder with a shield.
    • How to open the gate is unclear/didn’t work.

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