Hosting Custom Map on Rented Server Error

  • I’m trying to host a custom map on my rented server, but this error keeps popping up.
    “Successfully Downloaded all packages from Workshop, but server uses files that are not”

    _Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • No idea, I was actually having this same problem a week ago…

  • Well i have tried the methods posted on the Chiv’s Wiki and they just didnt work. So I went the old school method of uploading via FTP. I am assuming you have ftp access to your server. You need to find the /UDKGame/CookedSDK/__CMWSDKFiles folder on both your server and your PC.

    THis is where it becomes a pain in the ass. You have to either have played on a custom map or to have subcribed to a map to have it downloaded and installed to that folder. Sadly these files in the __CMWSDKFiles are not easily detectable to know what map it actually is because of several factors. One is that the map designers may have more than one version posted on the workshop. Two they use a steam ID type file structure instead of naming the folder exactly as the map name.

    BUt you can open up the folders and try and see what map it is. Once you find the map you want, then simply upload it to the corresponding folder on your server.

    This has issues with it as well since the devs have not got the SDK and Steam workshop to fully function and update properly. It seems that every patch or map update can play havoc on your server. I have had to wipe all custom content from my server because I had so many custom maps installed there was no effective way of being able to tell which one was causing the server to crash and corrupt the shaders. It could be one or several maps that were wrecking the server.

    Now I am only adding maps one at a time every other day. Testing the map for a few days to see if it will load and run properly, others can connect and for server stability.

    The other issue with this is that you will have to manually upload the maps when they update. This can be a huge pain in the ass since the servers and the steam workshop are not reliable for custom content updates to the server and you never know what maps update and when.

    I am hopeful that the devs will fix this issue with the servers and the steam workshop update system.

  • once manually putting the maps in, do you have to add them into like lets say Config/PCServer-CDWGame.ini?
    if so where do you write in each map name?

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