[WIP] The Relic

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    Attackers: Agatha Knights
    Defenders: Mason Order

    Objective 1 - Push the Siege Tower:
    The mission is to push the Siege Tower to the city gates.

    ¤ (Attackers) Besides being the main objective, the Siege Tower serves as a mobile high ground
    ¤ (Defenders) There is plenty of protection on the sides of the road, and the siege tower is very easy to flank

    Objective 2 - Kill the villagers:
    There are 25 villagers in the city, the objective is accomplished when there is no more than three left alive.

    ¤ (Both) There is a Scaffolding/Catwalk in the middle of this part of the level. This is closer to the Defenders spawn point, and the defenders have the high ground.

    Objective 3 - Destroy the Relic:
    The Attackers should get in to the church and hit the Relic at the altar several times.

    ¤ (Attackers) There are three entrances into the church. The coolest one is the roof entrance
    ¤ (Defenders) Pavises could be used to block of entrances

    In progress:

    ¤ Trimming:
    Fix path nodes, get rid of seams and floating objects etc.

    ¤ Background:
    Background landscapes. The level shouldn’t feel like island in a other wise empty world.

    ¤ Fix the “Blue archers instead of red peasants”-bug:
    The Mason peasants are turned into Agatha archers. The attackers actually loose points for killing them.
    Really annoying.

  • Looking good so far! Looking forward to seeing more :)

  • I’ve added a few screenshots on steam :)

  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.

    The Relic Feedback:**General Feedback

    • Confusing objectives.
    • Change the map name
    • Visually Impressive, but a bit dark in some areas.
    • Post process needs improvement.
    • Town layout is too tight
    • Hard to defend spread out peasants
    • Need to have more better lighting so easier to see friend and foe in the darker areas
    • Needs a level load camera
    • Plants have white edges on the transparent areas. Dont know if thats an issue with the asset or the lightmap.

    Objective #1

    • The path is narrow and it’s hard to run around it.
    • Needs some playspace and options around the side.
    • More Height variation around pushable path.
    • Shorter tower push and approach to city

    Objective #2

    • Hard to defend spread out peasants
    • Agatha killing peasants?
    • Forward spawns seem to be broken
    • Confusing as to where the peasants are. Its really hard to get to the second group of peasants.

    Objective #3

    • “Knock on heaven’s door” doesn’t really explain "attack the crown.
    • Underwhelming last objective.
    • Upper rafters of the church are a great idea

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