Still an amazing game with good devs

  • Just wanted to point that out with all the negativity on the forums

    It’s still my favorite game. 1600 hours on it and while i dont play it 24/7 like i used to, i still play it frequently and its still always fun, whether it be duels, pub TO or competitive matches, despite the small bugs that exist

    Hands down the best game since what… 2007? Since a long time, regardless. Best melee game anyway, no question no other melee game can compete with Chivalry. Chivalry is like a piece of gold in the pile of shit that calls itself modern FPS these days.

    This is the only multiplayer game since YEARS that felt like a true PC game that doesnt get boring after 100 hours.

    Yes it has bugs and problems, yes the developers did make mistakes and chivalry had a few dark months. But look at it now, they are working on frequent patches that fixes most stuff (while also breaking other stuff, but mostly its just fixing). I see atleast 3 devs online every workday on the forums reading feedback and communicating with the community. How often do you see this nowadays? You usually only get to speak with clueless community managers.

    We get SDK, Mods, Map contests, custom maps, seriously tell me modern games that have custom maps (except Arma, csgo etc, the oldschool sequels), we get FREE MAPS in new patches, cosmetic DLCs and balance updates from direct community feedback from the forums. And all that with a small player base that TBS could just abandon.

    Seriously, what more do people want? You can even add the developers on steam and they will help you with almost anything.

    Alright the game has its flaws, and a few controversial balance decisions have been made, but i think with the next balance patch Chivalry is going to be even better.

    You have to give Torn banner some slack, they learned from the mistakes they made obviously, lets not forget that Chivalry is Torn Banners first commercial Game, first game and they already made a super fun game. Chivalry opened a completely new genre which has tons of potential. Im pretty glad torn banner was successfull with Chivalry because that means one day we will see a Chivalry 2 which will be amazing i hope. I even bought like 6 copies of Chivalry just to support the devs.

    Even though i dont like some things in the current game (Archers, the Bubble patch etc.), when those changes are released the anger is usually the biggest but it cools off after a while and you adapt to new changes that are eventually better the more you play.

    Despite that, I still love the game no matter what, i always come back to it no matter what other game i play, its simply that good. People are saying Bannerlord this bannerlord that while obviously Bannerlord will be a great singleplayer game, i doubt it can top chivalry with its archaic Combat system that has less skill ceiling and depth then Chivalry. (If they keep the Warband combat system, that is.)

    Also lets not forget these forums, for being the most legendary forums of any game.

    Seriously guys, when you think Torn Banner is a bad developer team cause theres a few bugs that make you angry, just compare them to Blizzard, DICE, Activision etc. cause these are really horrible developer teams.

    I think alot of people really overextend with the whole bugs thing, because this game was ALWAYS playable, there was never a huge major bug that made the game unplayable, thats a blatant lie because i never encountered those and i play since October 2012. Yes some balance decisions were bad and could have made the game unplayable (Panic Parry), but not bugs, unless you had the bug where your game couldnt start. I think alot of people on other forums (i.e Steam Forums) think Chivalry is a super easy game to slash people, jump in, get destroyed by the veteran community, obviously they will get mad and trashtalk the game.

    People do that in ANY game. Some people just love to talk down games that they get mad at.

    Call me an ass kisser or whatever but its just my opinion. CMW is the best multiplayer game in such a long time i cant even remember a game that was better (maybe Quake 3 lol). Gotta give some props to Torn banner for opening this genre to us and creating the best melee combat system so far… some positive feedback needs to be said, if i was a TBS dev i would get depressed with all the rage from this toxic community, now dont call me a hypocrite, i know im part of that toxic part myself sometimes.

    You all know im not an ass kisser because i always give some critical feedback on everything, this is just the simple truth, end of story.

    Anyway my 2c, hope torn banner continues releasing patches (that dont drain any FPS i hope) so we can keep playing this awesome game for atleast another 2 years until a sequel :D

  • Ass kisser.

  • So weird to see crushed alternate from bully shitposting to thoughtful well articulated posts. Sheeeeit you even address the toxicity this very post.

  • Comparing this to what I normally see you post just makes me think you are trying to get a job or something. A lot of valid points, but damn your nose is brown.

  • Chivalry is one of the few games where I have bothered getting into above average skill before losing interest. I think that says something. It is also one of the few games where hitting someone with melee actually feels great and defending has that satisfying sound. Same cannot be said from, say, War of the Roses or Mount & blade.

    It is also probably the only game where I don’t mind voice command spam. In fact, I embrace it. Chivalry has the best voice commands I have ever heard.

    Mark this day in your calendars, this is the day where Crushed put effort into his post and it ended up being one of the best posts in the forums.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I miss Slygoat.

    I only ask that they fix fps and the recent teleporting that’s been going on. I don’t think I’ve seriously commented on balance for awhile. I’m overall pleased with it.

  • I agree, this game is glorious. The best multiplayer experience I had since CS1.5.

  • Best game since Jedi Academy 2003 which is still the best melee game but Chivalry is close

  • @afiNity:

    Best game since Jedi Academy 2003 which is still the best melee game but Chivalry is close

    Agreed. Jedi Academy was and is awesome.

  • Seeing a post like this from crushed worries me, ARE YOU ALRIGHT CRUSHED!?!?!

  • Haha! Good guy Crushed.

    Seriously we need to stop judging and give everyone a chance to prove themselves that they can be decent human beings.

    Definetly the only game I can almost always return to I can’t stand to play any other modern FPS poops. Hueheue shoot dis heuehue killstreak. I love melee games.

    I don’t know what it is. I can’t realy pin it down but this game has some kind of rythm and vibe to it that I realy enjoy. The duels/scrims etc. I just enjoy it.

    They’re are definetly already working on another project as we speak. My guts tells me that after the map competition and HOPEFULLY a balance patch they’ll start working full time on that new project and hopefully reveal it to be Chivalry 2 with no bullcrap.

    Seriously TB, if you think that you’re gonna reinvent the wheel don’t do it its not gonna work, see DW. Keep it basic and give us what we want.

    Infact ask us what we want and ask yourself why after selling millions of copies that only 0.005% keeps playing your game.

    You kinda already depleted all your consumers so you are forced to have something different in your sequel. It would probably be a mediocre succes but not as good as Chivalry. I’m sorry but you already fucked up your intro and people lost interest.

    I’m skeptic, suprise me.

    inb4 horses hueheu

    Ofcourse you need to change a few things here and there, more time sinks, customization, more expansive “level system”, bla bla the icing on the cake you know what to do here. The casual crowd just wants to play knights and pwincess and swing there massive swords and see head explodes while having a feeling of accomplishment by unlocking stuff.

    If you want to introduce BIG changes I would tread carefully. The core game mechanics need to be refined not to be fornicated with(****d). The only big change should be a change to the TO game mode. Expand on it, make it more interactive go wild with the ideas but ask your community first.

    Matchmaking with a leauge system would be very interesting and unique for a melee game like this.

    If you’re working on something completely different then dear lawd may God help us all.

  • @afiNity:

    Best game since Jedi Academy 2003 which is still the best melee game but Chivalry is close


    Played that shit for so many years.

    I’m pretty sure it has more reliable tracers than chivalry :3

    I still feel betrayed by team chivalry when they never released the siege engineer class. Now I gotta use that motherfucker’s model in the editor all the time lol.

  • Glad to see this post. It’s the truth.

  • Can we all have one big Chivalry group hug? :P

    I love this game, I love the people I met, I love the friendships I made, I love the experience it has given me, I love you all.

    This game will never be forgotten. The best game I have ever played. 1500+ hours, still going strong. TBS, thank you for the greatest experience I have ever been so lucky to come across. I love, love, love Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. :)

  • It’s the drunk thread. Hey guys whats up I love you.

  • Yes its an amazing game unlike the fake EU spin dryers who change sides like the weather. At least the muricans or brits
    don’t just change sides or opinions like a news paper trying to win friends. I have always said its a unique game like
    the release of Q1 in its day.

  • inb4 clan queens

  • I’d like to say what Jimmy said, I’m just not as profound. :)

  • @loin:

    Yes its an amazing game unlike the fake EU spin dryers who change sides like the weather. At least the muricans or brits
    don’t just change sides or opinions like a news paper trying to win friends. I have always said its a unique game like
    the release of Q1 in its day.

    America is dominate.

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