Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 25 (Barbarian Invasion)

  • Patch 25: Barbarian Invasion!

    **Patch 25 Hotfix
    Fix for conflict between workshop versions of Coldfront and Outpost on live.


    • Barbarians have joined the battlefield in new class skins!

      • Both factions are receiving reinforcements from 2 separate barbarian clans for ALL CLASSES!
      • Each Barbarian skin purchased unlocks for Both factions. ie A Barbarian archer skin purchase unlocks for both Agatha and Mason.
      • Each Class has a barbarian weapon variant available for purchase
      • $8 for each Barbarian class skin (includes 2 skins, both factions of the same class)
    • New Barbarian themed weapon variants are available $1.99 each!

      • Man at Arms / Knight Norse sword - Wulfric Sword
      • Knight Maul - Avian Rage Maul
      • Vanguard Spear - Chargebreaker
      • Archer Javelin - Whistler

    In Celebration of this occasion, we are introducing 2 New Team Objective Maps!

    Coldfront: A frozen Beach Invasion Siege map, taking place in Old Agatha. Harsh Frozen Shores, A Massive Castle, and a Dock Market Place will run red with the blood of their enemies.

    • Objective Breakdown (Mason Attacker / Agathian Defenders)

      • Beach Invasion
      • Storm the Beach! Overtake the Enemy front-line. (Capture the 2 ballista forts)
      • Defending Team must hold the line, and protect the fortifications (Defend the 2 ballista forts)
      • Overtake the enemy Stronghold! Lower the Drawbridge from above, or smash it to pieces.
      • Defenders must repel enemies from their walls.
      • Murder Feydrid before he can flee to his Ship!
      • Defenders switch roles, and must now push the objective and help King Feydrid escape to Stoneshill.

    Outpost: Deep in the Forest, attack the Barbarian stronghold of Ramnor.

    • Objective Breakdown (Agathian Attackers / Mason Defenders)

      • Encampment
      • Burn the enemy camp!
      • Defenders must protect their tents.
      • Move the Caravan into enemy territory!
      • Defenders must halt the Caravan.
      • Overcome the enemy ambush! Smash through their barricade.
      • Defenders must trap the enemies and prevent them from moving on.
        Fortress Assault
      • Kill the enemy Chieftains or Capture their Fortress.
      • Defenders protect the Chieftains and secure the Fortress.

    ***Note: If you tested Coldfront or Outpost in the workshop, be sure to unsubscribe from those maps and delete all of that data to ensure there are no conflicts.

    *** Customization restrictions were tweaked to better discern between the 2 Barbarian types. It is not a bug**

  • awesomeeee

    new norse and chargebreaker looks cool lol

  • first

  • @rumpelstiltskin:


    You fail so hard

    Can’t wait to try out the new maps

  • @rumpelstiltskin:


    ebin fail

    Can’t wait to become half-naked dodge spammer.

  • 6th?

    Looks solid, happy to try these maps out!

  • On the good side, cool shit. I think this patch is pretty cool.

    On the bad side(sorta), I swear to god if the next patch isn’t balance I’m going to bash someone’s brains out.

  • Huge content patch and it’s not even a gig? O_O

    As long as my frames don’t take a dive, some really good stuff here. I like the barbarians better than the other crazy looking untextured armor I think.

    Edit: Maul head should be much bigger I think but this was said in the beta.

  • $8x4=$32, more than 3x what most people paid for the game lol yeah right guys. Thanks for finally adding new maps but your game is broken, at least 2 times each game there’s a huge lag spike and about 1 of 10 swings just go through people without doing anything.

    I’m not cheap or broke by any means but you guys are tripping if you think people are going to pay $30-$50 for all your DLC when the game we already paid for barely works. Quit shelling out new crap DLC that costs a lot (by comparison to other games you get for around $10) and fix the broken mechanics and cheapy servers and maybe I’ll bite if it’s on sale at some point. Which from the looks of Deadliest Warrior which everyone says is super broken POS btw, it will never be on sale. Fix your crap we already paid for before trying to sell us more. there’s a reason less than 2,000 people are online anymore at any given time.

  • So we’ve completely gotten away with the medieval aspect of Medieval Warfare now, and proceeded to full on fantasy?

    New TO maps is really nice!

  • How is barbarians in a Medieval setting fantasy?

  • Can you add some content for DW please ? please ?!


  • Fur on the Mason barbarians already, they’ll freeze to death like that.

  • @Xylvion:

    Fur on the Mason barbarians already

    Mom’s spaghetti

  • @Karasu:

    Mom’s spaghetti

    His palms are sweaty.

  • @Karasu:

    How is barbarians in a Medieval setting fantasy?

    Because it’s the medieval era, not roman or classical greek when western and nothern europe were barbarians. Even if armies and bands of warriors might have been “low-tech” in the early medieval period, they weren’t half-naked, painted their bodies or wore animal pelts. Maybe the vikings, who disappeared around the 11th century. They might have been the last “barbarians” during the medieval era. Mongols too, if you count those as barbarian.

  • yay, now we can play skyrim: epic fantasy bullshit warfare

    good fucking job everyone

  • @SavageBeatings:

    Maybe the vikings, who disappeared around the 11th century. They might have been the last “barbarians” during the medieval era. Mongols too, if you count those as barbarian.

    Good enough for me. It’s been a fantasy game since release. Send me your kickstarter link to Medieval Warfare Simulator 2016

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