More advanced combat

  • Was thinking of a few things to add to axes to distinguish them and happened upon something that’d be good for all weapons.

    Basically it’s a bit of a change up in the way directions work. As with all things in life I will demonstrate with an example from Game of Thrones:

    At 36 seconds into that clip, the Knight in green with the axe (I’m pretending I don’t know his name, shutup) does a right handed strike (which misses) followed by another, and then a third (after Titty McTop says “Knight in green with an axe! The place where we’re both from!”).

    So how’s this work for Chiv:

    Under a new system LMB will always deliver a right handed strike, successive presses in a combo bringing it over the head for another much the way overheads work now. Alt strike (mine is a handy M4 thumb button, as most who have a mouse like that have it) will conversely always deliver one from the left.

    Swing combos can now go in any combination of lefts and rights and you can choose which way to go after an overhead or stab.

    This could also introduce the most coveted of all moves: the alt-riposte.

    What do you reckon? Too complex? Done badly it could create readability problems, but with the right animations and proper timings it could add a whole new dimension to fights.

  • Let’s not make massive changes to combat 2 years after release thanks.

  • @Flippy:

    Let’s not make massive changes to combat 2 years after release thanks.



  • @McLumberjack:

    I like the armor they’re wearing in that video. Wish my knight could look like that ingame. I have to settle for the closest thing I can get which is the Agatha Knight DLC.

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