Alt-tab freezing

  • When i alt-tab there’s a 50% chance that the game will freeze and i have to restart my pc. It can be fixed by forcing 32-bit mode but that just kills my fps. Anyone else having this problem?

  • yeah i have the same failure too

  • are you using windows 8? It’s always worth trying launching the game with troubleshoot compatibility

    If you turn off the steam overlay, do the alt-tab crashes still happen?
    what graphics card/drivers are you using?

  • Windows 7, Radeon HD 7870, latest drivers

    Game still freezes even with overlay disabled

  • I used to have the same problem months ago but one day it just stopped crashing when I would alt-tab… no idea what changed it.

  • Heads up on this, it could be a Steam issue. Steam has a tendency to do regular updates to it’s software. May times a Steam update patch can screw up the alt-tab overlay. Sadly this happens more times than not and it will correct itself on its own after another path. There is usually noting you can do about it.

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