[WIP] Fortification Contest - Lovion Valley

  • Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=254685453

    A team objective map.

    Currently under construction.

    The attacking team must reach the castle
    and capture the courtyard.

    Clear a roadblock.
    Push ram through it.
    Get past an outpost.
    Clear a second roadblock.
    Push ram through it.
    Reach the castle gate and break it down.
    Capture the courtyard.

    Special notes:
    Originally I was curious about the editing tools for chivalry. It wasnt until I noticed the contest announcement that I decided to take a look at the editor. There are alot of things that I dont know how to do yet with these tools. So the map looks quite raw. Alot of things need to be improved, added. My focus currently has been on trying out different things in the kismet. So as a result I wanted to make a map that allowed the attacking team to choose from a selection of paths to take in the map. They can choose to push the ram past a farming outpost or just go right through it. Some paths are longer then others, and some are harder to get through. This way the map won’t always play out precicely the same way.

    Project Plans:
    The next steps I will go through will be adding structures and objects to the outposts and castle. I have had some annoying issues with lighting. I cant build lighitng without getting extremely poor shadows for static meshes. That is something I will try and look into afterwards.

    Once the castle gets closer to completion. I will most likely add a “Kill the king” objective to end the map. As well as a special twist to the objective chain, hopefully.

    Oh and yes I will add LTS and TD modes when the castle is built. Possibly other game modes as well.

  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.

    General Map Feedback

    • Way too open.
    • Very Few Design Elements. It is practically Landscape with Trees.
    • Overly Large
    • Wasn’t clear what stage of the Objective I was on.
    • You should have to push the cart to the barricade before clearing it. Running back and forth is frustrating.
    • The Grain is too thick and high. Impossible to see where you are going.
    • The core idea of a continuous pushable with objectives in between is very cool. It is just very rough at the moment.
    • What purpose does the optional capture serve?
    • Feels very walled in.
    • Pushing the Ram across a bridge feels good.
    • Condense and simplify.
    • Overuse of capture points.

  • Thank you for the feedback.

    Too open and few design elements. Yes It is missing a lot of “fill in the blank” type of meshes, to give it more variety and depth. I’ll be working on this now.

    Overly Large. I hope I can find a way to make it work. I am aiming for a “campaign” type of feel. The attacker is invading the valley and has a long struggle ahead to reach victory. The kind of victory to be proud of, or the kind of bitter defeat you’d want to forget. I just hope there’s a way to make that work out.

    Yes I agree with the running back and forth part to clear a roadblock then push the ram. The problem I have there is that I allow the attacker to choose what path to push the ram through. Clearing the roadblock is the method the attacker uses to make his choice which path to go down, this thus sets the matinee the ram will be using. So I can’t push it first without setting the matinee. An idea I was wondering about as a possible solution to this. If I let the attackers have some npc’s that help push the cart. I have not looked into what I can do with bots how I can influence their behavior so i don’t know if this is a viable solution. If that works then players don’t have to run back to start pushing. Any other ideas would be welcome. Good to have something to think about.

    Objective stage, I am guessing this has to do with the “get the ram to the castle” stage? I had a problem there due to the multiple ram paths. I can’t use the advance objective stage if there are different objectives on different paths, I will find another way there to make the text in that part more clear.

    Ah yes the grain, Ill thin it out a bit. Didn’t look quite so thick in the editor but I see it better during gameplay.

    The optional objective is missing some descriptive text, it is there to allow the attackers to close the defending spawn in the farming village. Forcing the defenders to spawn much further away. Making the “push the ram” part much easier. So the defenders need to keep that point safe so they spawn closer to the ram path. I figured it was nice to have something like this. Not nessasary to do but it has a beneficial effect if you do it.

    Walled in, yeah these high mountains do kinda cramp you in. I would like to give it a bit more open view type of feel. I will look into this after everything else is done.

    The reason I have so many capture points is that I intend to have a resource system. So the attacker either captures these points for a quicker win, or depletes the defending resources to move to the next objective. The total resource counter in the castle stage will be reduced if the attackers chose to capture the farming village and the military training area earlier on the map. So extra beneficial effects there.
    If the defenders manage to deplete the attacking resources it will add an extra goal at the end of the map for the defenders. The mason general will enter the field at the same time as the agathian king. So both sides have a VIP to keep alive. If the defenders fail to deplete the attackers resources in the castle stage then there will be no mason general and thus no mason VIP to hunt down. Only the agathian king will enter the field.
    I have yet to set the king objective because the area inside the castle walls is totally incomplete. I wanted to have an escape objective for the king as well, with a slight twist to it. Haven’t started that yet, but after you released coldfront it seems that an escape objective is possible, so that gives me hope that I might be able to set it up.

    So my hope is because these capture points aren’t the only way to advance the stage that it is okay to include so many of them. This is just so there are more ways to proceed.

    I am glad to hear that the core idea appeals to someone. I hope I can make the gameplay experience a more positive one.

  • Got to play this map today, it was pretty obvious and straight forward as to what I needed to do and overall the layout seemed decent but it felt as if it was missing a few pathways from the top to the bottom for players. The king objective at the end was broken as well, I kept spawning as the king and dying and it kept respawning me as the king XD Also maps lighting wasn’t built so a lot of ppl had bad FPS on the map :)

  • Hello! I had the privilege of testing out this map today and I’d like to provide some feedback. I’d like to start with the fact that I love the idea of optional objectives and branching paths. It really adds to the experience. However, the first optional objective was non-functional. The map itself is very basic looking. The first few wooden walls are about as tall as the players and look as if they can be pushed down. The map is very open and large, which can be good, but the spawns are so far away it takes a long time to meet with the objective, enemies, or teammates. I hope this feedback helps you in the future.

    • 1st stage is really bland, needs more foliage and props, it felt really flat and boring

    • sun is way too strong, cant see shit looking towards the wall in the first objective, completely blinded by it

    • overall map is really bland, no meshes to spice things up

    • the map is way too big, way too much running, most people just gave up on running that much

    • objectives needs descriptions

    • way too many open areas with too much running and no cover

    • what does optional objective mean? what does it do why should we capture it, etc

  • hey

    I played your map on Contest server

    though we played just 1st part
    cuz many ppl didn’t like that it was just long running

    but I believe that its just temporary issue
    cuz its under construction
    and in the end it will be great map :)

    I’ve found one invisible wall if it helps

    keep up the progres bro! :)

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