More Weapons Mod

  • Continued from the other thread…

    More Weapons Mod

    This mod adds a couple of new medieval themed, balanced weapons into the game

    Some of the new weapons have similar behaviour to the vanilla weapons while others have a completely new and unique feel to them

    Also, some weapons have additional fighting stances, press 1 to switch between them

    Official Test Server (EU): (Lion’s Den)


    -Give more arsenal to the rest of the classes (MAA)
    -Fix Handle hits (will be done once TBS lets us edit weapon meshes)
    -Make completely new weapon skins (will be done once TBS lets us edit/import new meshes)
    -Fix Balance & mechanics problems

    Update Changelogs:

    1.0 -
    1.2 -

  • Update 1.2

    MoreWeapons  BALANCE CHANGELOG 1.2
    -EndFeintWindowTimeCombo increased back to 25 for all weapons
    -EndFeintWindowTime to 0.20 for twohanders
    -Feint to attack delay increased to 0.5 for stab feints
    -Reverted Knight sprint change
    -Added new weapons to vanguard arsenal
    -Added new onehanders to MAA
    -Slash damage increased to 170 Chop
    -Overhead damage type changed to Chop
    -Slash release decreased to 0.55
    -Removed alternative stance
    -Raised slash windup to 0.825
    -Raised slash combo time to 0.75
    -Slash & Overhead windup decreased to 0.6
    -Raised stab damage to 90 Pierce
    New Weapon: Caveman's Crusher
    New Weapon: Pickaxe
    New Weapon: Thrusting Blade
    New Weapon: Battering Ram
    New Weapon: Great Messer
    New Weapon: Long Axe
    New Weapon: Great Double Axe
    New Weapon: Crusader Greatsword
    New Weapon: Nordic Greatsword
    New Weapon: Great Spiked Mace
    New Weapon: Großmesser

  • You should upload more screenshots to the Workshop page, that would really help.

    Nonetheless I’ll have to try this out for myself. Seems really interesting.

  • Tried out today - absolutely brilliant. A very inventive mod, great choice of weapons. I love having to main weapons and a back up.

    The Glaive is awesome, and I think I was using the English Great sword thing - very nice.

  • This mod is a great refreshment. Actually a fun mod, since it’s basically an expansion of the core game.

  • If there was ever a perfect mod, this would be it.

    After wrecking a few pubs with the Pickaxe I realized it was becoming my new favorite weapon, so I was forced to stop playing were I to ever see the fun in vanilla Chivalry again.

    Now that is one… big… axe.

    Home run!

    Couldn’t stop laughing after accidentally choosing this though… :D

    Full gallery of some of the best changes, for those interested below.

    Thanks to Crushed for helping me discover the Way of the Pickaxe. (little OP maybe?)

  • Haha pickaxe is great… dont think its OP, literally same stats as double axe except a little bit more damage on the overhead but its also slower on the OH

    BTW; that hatchet ,you can press 1 and it will change animations incase you dont know :D but yeah small hatchet is cute

    Nice screens :D

  • Gonna crank up them graphix and have a photo shooting session asap. Still loving this mod. ^^

    Btw, Graivel or w/e it’s called (Knight bardiche) is a tad too powerful, imo. It’s slow and shit, and doesn’t make other weapons usless in comparison at all, but I really don’t think it should one-body-shot Vanguards with the slash.

    Also, does the workhammer stab deal more damage than dagger stabs? Well I don’t think it should, so that daggers at least have something on this beast, lol.

    Also, buff maul please!

  • maul gonna get oneshot for MAA on torso

    and yes… glaive damage will be nerfed slightly, but you will still be able to oneshot vanguards with a headshot slash and knights aswell…otherwise the weapon is baaad

    Warhammer? not sure…didnt touch warhammer except overhead damage raise

  • I thought the minimaul was called Workhammer, lol.

  • oh i misread that, no the workhammer does some pathetic damage on stab,something like 10 blunt lol

  • Fucking TK storm with the glaive and 100% FF. People aren’t used to wielding a 3 meter long axe. It’s awesome.


    oh i misread that, no the workhammer does some pathetic damage on stab,something like 10 blunt lol

    Nice. /10crushes

  • So… what’s the status of this mod? I heard it’s like permanently broken or something, and I am having trouble finding the test server, and when i try to direct connect via open ip in console it tells me i need a password. This seems like an awesome mod with a lot of potential so I would like to know what’s up.

  • The creator of the mod quit Chivalry because he is addicted to japanese dating sim games.
    It was good while it lasted.

  • … that’s the saddest thing I have ever heard.

  • We tried to stage an intervention at his mother’s house, but he escaped into the basement through a hatch underneath the dining table.

  • Sounds like you guys didn’t think things through all that well. I mean a hatch under the dining table… that’s one hell of an oversight.

  • Well. I hope that someone will pick this mod up or make one similar to it.


  • If anyone wants to continue this mod feel free to send me a message on steam. I simply dont have the time anymore to pick this up again, sorry!

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