[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - AOCTO-Wolfslair_p

  • Agathian forces surprise attack a hideout where an important mason general is presumed to stay

    1st Objective - Agathian forces have to break into the wolfslair & break down the main door and they can use multiple ways for that, including advanced mechanics such as building a ladder, opening gates or breaking the side door, using a hidden tunnel system or using hidden paths to jump over the walls. Masons have to prevent this.

    2nd Objective - Agathian forces have to capture the flag in the main building and the masons have to prevent that

    3rd Objective - Agathian forces now have access to the Mason Generals house and they have to kill him


    Currently uploading 1.7 Update, will update workshop page to fortification asap


    Some screenshots, thanks B4RK!

  • Wolfslair !

    One of best maps for the contest so far, my personal favorite.
    I really hope to see it as an official map ! Unique mechanics and variety of fighting places really makes you fall quickly in love with this map.

    I just warn people with fear of heights, tower included !

  • Back when this map had it’s own dedicated server, it was the hands down most fun pubbing there was. So many ways to go, and the objectives are well designed to really let most of the map act as an active battlefield. Tight areas, open areas, tunnels, edges, this map’s got it all. Not to mention one of the best tower climbs in any mp game map, period. It also looks beautiful, and it’s one of the few custom maps that’s gotten the lightning right. Gonna find those screenshots I took of the map. Framerate was really good as well, iirc.

  • @B4RK:

    Not to mention one of the best tower climbs in any mp game map, period.

    Post Tower Stress Disorder:
    So many tears, so many friends fallen down…

  • Back in the days I thought that every community custom map gonna be poop, but quality of this map proved me wrong. Well designed with some new cool mechanics like ladders and gates raising which makes it fun and unique.

  • http://imgur.com/a/3RnVM
    Here are a few screenshots that only capture some of the map. The rest of the map is just a beautiful.

    Turns out I had only uploaded 8 images, the rest of them are gone with my HDD.

  • at last!!! I knew we would see it in the end :-) I’ve enjoyed playing this many times

  • 50 slot server; full to the brim 24/7

    This map got it all right. Good luck!

  • Wolfslair is a very unique map, the mechanics are very well made and the design is very good. Plenty of entry points and objectives to go around, overall a great map!

  • I found it to play best at 32 or 40 players, 50 was too much. (Like for any map, lol)
    The map should fit right into a 32 player server rotation, especially with the new changes.

  • I am pretty keen to play this map, I have subscribed and downloaded, but just have not yet played.
    This looks really good, and judging by the community reactions, it plays well too, so i’m pretty excited to give this a whirl :D

    Good luck for round 1 of the comp :)

  • Update 1.7

    -Added more torches in some dark areas
    -Added hud progress marker for main door
    -Lowered main door health down to 400
    -Breaking the main door is now a seperate objective
    -Initial timelimit down to 25 minutes
    -Fixed some stuck spots & ammo box not working
    -Added some collision boxes where you could go out of the map
    -Ladder buildup time decreased by 250ms
    -Improved some small visuals
    -Updated king objective, you now kill a Mason General


    Mapname is now AOCTO-Wolfslair_p

  • Just added another small hotfix that adds spectator collision boxes and an improved level load camera :)


    I’m not much of a pubber myself, I actually despise pubbing since you get shot every fucking time but this map made it a bit more enjoyable. It was full 24/7 pretty much. Addicts.

  • One of the funniest maps I’ve played.

  • I gotta say i am not a big fan of custom content as people always cater to their own preferences.
    This is a good map though, it runs butter-smooth, it has objectives that actually require teamwork and new and fun mechanics.
    Servers that run this map are always full no matter how many slots there are.
    It’s one of the few custom maps i got arsed staying for more than one round.
    Good job.

  • I played this map 4 or 5 times, first obj is hard if is well defended (good) , cart is balanced, but the (break door) obj. Always is really really fast. Last objective It’s really easy too.
    I love new maps, good work!

  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.

    General Map Feedback**

    • Could not finish map.
    • Use Landscape. Terrain breaks when alt-tabbing.
    • Solid Visuals
    • Map flow needs work.
    • Too Tight. Especially the right side of the map for Attackers.
    • Breakables take way too long
    • Map time is too long, even at 25 min. Typically, an entire objective map might run at 30 minutes.
    • Claustrophobic
    • Confusing Side Path
    • Need to use visual clues/lighting to better define paths.
    • Heavily favors defense. The story of two maps. Attackers generally have a bad time.


    • Cave side path is unclear. It looks like a dead end.
    • Collision needs work around Cave drop in.
    • Cave path is confined and confusing.
    • Path options leaving the cave, after the side gate, are unclear.
    • Clear options leaving spawn for Attackers feel limited.
    • Left side of gate is a dead end for Attackers. Seems to lead around fort, only to be met by a wall.
    • Backdoor takes too many hits.
    • Backdoor needs clear impact particle for hits. Some kind of indication it is under attack.
    • Main door is way too tiny for a person.
    • Main door needs better indication.


    • Capture the flag is broken? Progress bar fills, then it remains down with no update.
    • Could not finish.


  • oh wow… didnt realise it was broken, must have happend in the very last hotfix i made since the previous versions worked fine, damn :(

    thanks for the other feedback, but im entering round 2 with a different map, tho half of that feedback sounds to me like i should make a big corridor map next time^^

    i dont understand how the cave is confusing, its literally 1 big corridor. care to elaborate ?

  • doesnt matter anymore

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