Computer shutting down randomly while playing Chivalry

  • So far, this has only happened to me while playing Chivalry and Limbo(although in Limbo, the game only lasts a few seconds, whereas in Chivalry, it lasts for a random amount of time.) I’m currently using this : computer.

    EDIT: I accidentally an “i”.

  • Could it be overheating?

  • After a bit of googling(I’m actually hitting myself for not doing this first >.<), it sounds like other people have indeed had problems with this particular model with overeating. I’m going to try getting a laptop cooler. However, there is always the chance that heat isn’t the problem. I am not familiar with the proper operating temperature of this particular computer, but if buying a cooler doesn’t work, I will report back.

  • Download an agent to monitor your CPU temperature (speedfan, etc) and observe it as you run the game in windowed mode. Playing through a laptop, due to the thin form factor, means that you are not circulating air as efficiently through very warm parts that are in close proximity, overheating is common. You’ll likely notice that your fan will kick up to maximum during gameplay…it’s trying its best!

    Cooling stands work wonders, but it’s important to note that running at high performance settings is much easier on a machine that is built for that sort of thing. I do understand that a new computer is not always an option.

  • this might sound stupid and you probably already know but is your laptop on a flat surface

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