Keys don't work

  • So a couple of days ago my game decided to reset a bunch of keys so I had to bind them all back. Now however all of the keys have stopped working for no apparent reason. All the keys are binded and should be working but the only thing I can do in-game is look around with the mouse. Also my computer ran out of memory about at the same time as all this started in case that matters but I got an external hard drive so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. I just thought it was worth mentioning.

  • Try resetting your key binds back to the defaults then going from there.

  • if you post a copy of your udkinput.ini I can take a quick look if anything stands out

  • If your computer runs out of memory that is an interesting issue. First off, how much physical ram do you have running in your system? While the game can run on 2 gigs that is really the lowest limit. 4 gigs is better. Anything above 4 gigs, consider removing your page file/virtual memory.

    Virtual memory is how the computer uses Hard disk space as ram to store data and processes. With a SSD hard drive that is small, a page file can eat up space. IF you have a standard mechanical HD but it is only running at 5400 rpm it is really slow and if both of those types of hard drives are full with programs, music, photos, etc. Then you have no room for an ever expanding memory request.

    If you have 4+ gigs of ram, you can remove the VM/page file by right clicking on to MyComputer/properties/advanced system settings/advanced tab/performance settings/advanced tab/Virtual memory - change?/select hard drives and chose NO PAGE FILE and restart.

    If the computer locks up or crashes after heavy usage, simply reverse the process above.

    Windows Vista on up also can use a USB flash drive as ram using READY BOOST.

    Keys do tend to get reset to default after a patch so if you changed your binds from default you will have to reset them. Also, if you are using a wireless keyboard, check it’s batteries.

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