I remember the archery balance council a long time ago.

  • There are like 20 posts about archers, seriously just shaddup >.>

    Edit: Didn’t realize this post was made a while back :O still though, shaddup!

  • Give Archers dodge and plate armour, after 5 kills we should also get an invincible dog that eats the entire enemy team for 5 minutes everytime they respawn.

    Next to balance the class further, I think we should remove all ammo crates from the maps, give the Archers unlimited ammo or allow them to fashion arrows out of the bones of defeated enemies and/or play fetch with their invincible dogs using said bones.

    I also personally believe Crossbows to be too underpowered right now, they should be changed to hitscan in order to rectify this, but as a tradeoff have a giant blue effect on the “projectile” so people can see their position.

  • @Huggles:


    No, you.


  • @Planetus:

    should be changed to hitscan in order to rectify this.

    Already using client sided hit detection, what more do you want?

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