Elium - Prison Escape, combat preview video

  • Hello,
    I’m here today to show a small preview of my game, Elium - Prison Escape.
    I’m a long-time 3D artist and for years I tried making my own game, but lack of programmers kept setting me back. around 3.5 years ago I moved to UDK and started over, but this time I started learning how to program it myself.
    Months of work convinced me to commit to it as a solo project. Countless hours of work later (which rewarded me a full-time games dev job) and a few down-to-earth decisions to cut it down, I feel it’s getting ready to open it up

    Why here?
    I’m a longtime Chivalry fan even if I’m not active in this community and I only play rarely anymore (moved to a shared flat with bad internet, and there’s never any LTS servers anymore). Anyway my game kinda belongs to the same niche as Chivalry (action swordfighting with skill-based mechanics)
    Elium - Prison Escape is a single player action game featuring intense combat, about escaping a [randomly generated] prison dungeon. By force or by stealth.

    anyway let’s jump to the action :)
    here’s the latest video showcasing a very recent status of the combat gameplay. HD is available
    sadly it doesn’t showcase bodypart dismemberment (deaths were not very lethal), or dodging (I completely forgot to do it, AI doding is being worked on)

    and a non-gameplay teaser intro (not so recent):
    screenshots can be found in my IndieDB page:

    let me know what you think :)

  • Looks really interesting. Good luck!

  • Looks promising. Torn Banner you should back this project and cancel all the other stuff you’ve been working on.

  • nice concept, 3rd person…. yuk

  • Crushed: thanks :)

    Sophax: can’t tell if you’re sarcastic or just overly unrealistic

    Retsnom: also comes with 1st person. but unlike Chivalry, third person works out quite well. I play Chiv in 1st person myself btw

  • Not sarcastic. It looks good but might need some serious funding and an exstensive team to go live any time soon.

    Nothing is impossible.

  • Looks promising.

    If you had a team of developers I could see this going a long way. Still for solo project you did a good job.

    Not sure how kickstarter might work out for ya but you should definitely give this more exposure before anything else.

    If you are looking for inspiration as far as gameplay goes look at The Dark Mod. Its basically a Thief remake and it has a very similar combat system. A cool trick is that if you parry a guard he will stand still for a second or 2 so you can sprint away in the other direction to try to lose the guard.

  • the thing is I’ve narrowed the project down and the goals are not really ambitious. the core of the combat is near completion although I’m still undecided as to how many different weapons I’ll add (I have onehanded swords pretty much done, fist anims are early WIP. then I have to decide on the following: shield, dual onehanded swords, kinfe - all are only a matter of animations).
    most of all the other features’ code is already partially working, the heaviest load remaining is creation of level assets.

    in short: I don’t need any sort of serious funding or an extensive team. a small and manageable team of self-motivated members would be best for me, but I’ve given up on that long ago

    I believe a kickstarter wouldn’t work for me. I’m already putting as much time as I can in this game and I wouldn’t risk quitting my job to go fulltime (plus I love my job, I make games!). the way I see it, if I was to be funded then most of my time would go into managing a team and/or outsource the work. managing tasks, explaining code to others, writing briefings, reviewing assets, testing and giving feedback, and then rinse and repeat… it’s uninteresting for me
    so far I’ve managed alone and I’ve gotten this far. I’m confident I can finish this game wether it’s sometime this year (hopefully) or the next. but it’s only a matter of time

    but yeah what I need is some exposure. that’s why I’ve started with twitter and I’ll progressively work on the side to try to achieve some exposure (indieDB, twitter, forums, steam geenlight) and to try to build a fan base (create a proper website and a forum, improve its online presence). Ideas in this regard would be most welcome, as marketing is not my strongest point.

    btw sometime soon’ish I’ll be looking to do a small round of testing for the combat gameplay. I already did one round and got some valuable feedback but my group of testers were friends and coworkers, most of which aren’t used to fast reaction or swordfighting games. Ideally I’d want to include people from this community :)

    also I’ll check The Dark Mod when I have some extra free time. thanks for the pointer

  • You’re welcome, good luck on the game.

  • hey, me again
    I’m running a new private beta to test the combat. anyone interested in joining?

  • Sure I’m in.

  • awesome, check your PM

  • I would also like to test and help improve this game in any way possible.

  • great, PM sent :)

  • I’m interested!

  • and you’re in
    check your PM

  • well played sire tbh

  • @Chosker:

    hey, me again
    I’m running a new private beta to test the combat. anyone interested in joining?

    count me in m8, im excited to see what its like first hand

  • okay I think that’ll be enough testers for now
    check your PM Zombojoe

  • i’d gladly test if you are still looking for people

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