Javelin throw bug

  • If hit during the windup or recovery of the spear throw you will start a new throw. This can’t be right. It has gotten me killed so many times.

  • Its more of a “Hey don’t do that its risky” element of game play I like to think, sure you can throw a jav that can one shot any class with head shot at point blank range but you better hope you don’t miss or you will suffer for it…

  • You don’t start a new throw, there is basically a “reloading” phase as best as I can describe it. You throw your jav, and your guy reaches for his back to grab another javelin. If hit during this animation, he will start again, thus allowing the enemy to combo to finish you off quickly. Best advice, don’t throw javs close up to an enemy.

  • Its a bug.

  • It’s pretty much a double flinch, super annoying. Prepare to throw jav, get hit by someone from behind, flinch and can’t move or do anything, start to pull out another jav for no reason and again can’t do anything other than move really slowly and then die :~(

  • And now, since the latest patch, they sound like puny throwing knives when you hit someone! I don’t even…

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