• Just as the title says! Backswings!
    This thread will be all about backswings or reverse overheads as some people call them.

    What do you guys think of them? Are you alright with them? Do you dislike them and want them removed? Do you have any suggestions for them?
    Personally I hate them. Backswinging is a dirty tactic only used by the sith. I remember when I first saw a knight playing maul in a dual server joking around trying to do it. It was quite funny back then and it still is sometimes funny but people have developed these into their playstyle now and learned how to abuse them to the fullest.

    Messer and greatsword are really annoying to fight against for many reasons and this is one of them at least for me.
    I recall one time when I was backswinged and the vanguard managed to turn around with the overhead and catch me on the end of it, hitting me twice with the same attack.

    I’m not sure really on why backswings are still in the game. Maybe you guys like them and decided to keep them in or maybe it is simply too difficult for torn banner to fix/remove them or maybe nobody cares. I’m not really sure but anyway this is just my opinion on them and I’d like to hear your opinion guys.
    May the force be with u!

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