High Tick Servers

  • Yesterday we tested a 32 slot TO server with a 300 tick rate and it worked perfectly. Ran out of time testing a 54 slot mixed modes 120 tick server but it’s up and running if anyone fancys giving it a go. As are 2 X 32 slot TO with 300 tick, all are based in London.

    These beauties aren’t cheap, so we are reducing the total number of servers that we host. Quality over quantity.

    Our thanks to all that helped with the testing.

  • Based KnH.

  • Wow people do look here, my bad. I expanded on this thread in the general forums. Yep; KnH is our tag. Would be great if you can help us test tonight your feedback would mean a lot us.

    Ps. If anyone visits these parts, I honestly didn’t think anybody did, please let us know if you have any tips gleaned from testing high tick servers that you feel might help in our quest to provide the best servers in Christendom.

    For any general comments here is the other thread http://forums.tornbanner.com/showthread.php/19925-High-Tick-Servers-for-All!-* I will ofc be giving myself a sound thrashing for double posting.

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