[WIP] Fortification Contest Level - AOCTO-Metropolis

  • Hey all, this my first foray into UDK.

    The mission brief is as follows:
    Agathian knights have launched a major assault after months of siege on the Mason Order, who are holding their former cliffside stronghold of [name]. This is the crown of all the Agathian jewels. representing the greatest concentration of the country’s population. Their current loyalty is unknown.

    While all this is going on, you are part of an elite squadron tasked with rushing through the madness and turning the tides in the Agathian’s favour, while the majority of the Mason forces are occupied with our own troops.

    I quite liked how Chivalry maps made you feel like part of something bigger, a much larger battle and campaign. This is an attempt to capture that feeling and make it something stronger.

    The idea is that with npc scripting you can feel like a strike team, rushing though harrowed side streets towards your goal while all of the city is locked in combat and ragdolls fly about around you.

    The objective structure breaks down like this:

    1. Break the gates - optional objective, epic bridge battle. Huge Gates.
    2. Kill Zone. Fight for control of the main square, just beyond the entrance. Directly in front is the city’s main walkway, replete with your own troops who have been fighting for sometime, clashing against ranks of Mason knights. (NPC).
    3. First detour - the plan is to walk straight through old quarter- towards the first major milestone:
    4. The Tavern - Raze the alcohol supplies ! Save enough for your own troops ? This fight occurs in a multi-level, open plan bar. First and Second floors are open in the middle, to the ground floor. Knights from both sides seem not to notice the player’s fighting all around.
    5. Old Quarter - the more wealthy side. Narrow streets and high rise, encroaching buildings break occasionally to provide a vista over the rest of the city. Fighting takes place on ground and inside buildings, planks across the roofs provide an avenue of control and tactical mobility for the Masons. The Agatha Knights can rush through the streets or attempt to control the skies.
    6 - Fruits ! Allow for a fruit fight, the sneaky route has opened onto a market place with piles of fruits. Hoard them and use them as projectiles. The idea here is partly comedic and for humorous purposes.
    7. Final Assault - ??? Infiltrate the keep ? Take over the cathedral ?

    There are gameplay and immersion considerations for each section.
    1. Will a bridge fight actually be any fun ? How elaborate can, and should, alternate routes be ?
    2. Can there be something better than an arena for this section ? Perhaps the strike team can raise Agathian banners in this publicly visible square, before rushing off to the first detour.
    3. The battle flow for this section is in 3 paths, contained in one main area. This either combine, or become 2 pathways into …
    4. The Tavern. Spawn placements may be Mason’s from the roof, or across the road. The inside should be fairly uncluttered, but the nature of the alcohol stores is to be decided.
    5. There should be the possibility of give and take from both sides here. The Mason’s should be able to push back with an objective of their own, while the Agathian knights try to make it through. Early defeat, or force an alternate route ?
    6. There should be some greater purpose to the fruits.
    7. Decide on something.

    Performance considerations : ???

    Overall there should be the sense of the whole city embroiled in conflict, with NPC’s fighting through rooms up above or in side streets. Some NPC’s lay down the City’s former standard from their windows, while others may take up arms, preferring the Mason order. They may become decoration as the tide turns

    As I said I’m quite new to UDK, being previously a Source mapper. I’d be happy at this stage with a playable map, then going all out with ambition.

    I’ve got a blockout of everything up to the Old quarter, with the tavern being built now. At this stage of the competition I’m pretty far behind schedule it seems. I can post screenshots, design shots and flow diagrams so far, these will come around later on.

    Suggestions and comments are welcome.

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