New maps feedback

  • Now that the fortification contest is over I noticed how andrew constructed the TBS teams feedback for the compediotrs, I thought i’d have a go at it about the new maps the TBS team created, trying to be as nice as possible.


    General Map feedback

    • Why the objectives exist is confusing.
    • Fog everywhere.
    • looks clunky and cartoony unlike the old maps.
    • Defending bots is silly.
    • Dual Objective seems interesting.
    • Weird timers for the different objectives.
    • This map got great potential though!


    • Agatha got way too much time. If the attackers got better players agatha will win and they’ll have a lot of time left for upcoming objects.
    • The fog on this part is annoying. No one likes fog really.
    • The foliage looks awkward and cartoony.
    • The area is way too open and large, the size could be cut in half and the mao would be more enjoyable.
    • Long distance to run for attackers.
    • Why Oh why are the mason tents outside their walls? this does not make sense. Why don’t they set up camp close to their fort? Camping that far out is just silly.


    • This objective is quite neat, the fog here is different, it makes sense, it makes the objective a tad bit more exciting.
    • As a defender you will get 4 objective points per second by just standing close to the cart, people can end up with more than 4000 score. You will get the same as an attacker, but easier for defenders.
    • When archers are up on the hills you’re basically screwed, it’s hard to get close to them and even if the fog is thick it’s not thick enough to keep them from shooting at you. More pathways would be neat
    • What is the reason for pushing the cart? I don’t get this, food supplies? why?


    • Defenders spawn so far away this objective is impossible to defend, why don’t they spawn behind the gate and just rush out?
    • the fallen log is solid even where it’s air so you can’t walk underneath it.
    • Agatha spawn is easily accasible for masons.


    • Bots that suicide, can’t block, do stupid things, lets enemies kill them. This ruins the map.
    • The 2 objectives choose 1 is weird, if you want to keep the bots at least make it so that the attackers both have to kill the bots and capture the tower.


    General Map feedback

    • The framedrops are awful.
    • A snowlandscape is a really good idea!
    • The map is too open, way too large.
    • Silly effects.
    • Ballistas everywhere.
    • Weird spawnpoints.
    • Weird timers for last objective.
    • Never seen Agatha win unless it’s the last objective.
    • Weird maplayout.


    • Too open, way too easy for Agatha archers to fire on Masons as they try to approach.
    • The bots running around are cool but not needed.
    • Agatha spawnpoints, why are they so far away?


    • Again too open, why is it so large?
    • Too many openings into the castle.
    • Way too many ballistas for Agatha to use against Mason.
    • Castle looks clunky and not at all as well designed as walls on Hillside for example.
    • Castle looks empty, there’s nothing there, why’s that?
    • Both defend objectives for agatha are really close to eachother, when the map is this large use the space, just now it jsut goes to waste.


    • Innovative, that’s good.
    • If an Agathian does not hit F1 and respawns but instead decides to start destroying a barricade it will be really easy for agatha to get out.
    • If no barricade is destroyed until the throne room gates open, Agatha will have a hard time.
    • WHY does Agatha have more time to finish the objective if Mason manages to push faster? shouldn’t Mason be rewarded for being faster?
    • After the King gets past the barricades and closes in on the marketplace it gets really tough for Agatha. This is good and bad at the same time.

    Overall Feedback
    I like how you guys at TBS are starting to work more and more for the community, it’s great. But releasing halfdone maps to the live version is a bad move, can’t you at least try to make them look somewhat good before you do so? The Size of the maps are awful, it reminds me of DW beta, It looks slly and is silly, size matters. Just take a look at the Fortification Contest contributions, they all look nice, or well, most of them do. They might not be perfect, but I’d much rather have maps like Irilla shore than either Outpost or coldfront. Even Citadel which has been your most hated TO map is really good in comparison to both the new ones, I’d rather play it 24/7 than play coldfront once more (in its current state).
    Your two best maps, Darkforest and Stoneshill are awesome, sure the giant castle on stoneshill doesn’t fit with the tiny village, but the maps are really really good, they don’t make your FPS drop below groundlevel either. Their structure is great. I myself prefer how linear Darkforest is. Stoneshill, although it’s a large map, is linear as well thanks to the hill which separates the map. Hillside would be awesome as well if it wouldn’t have been for all the slopes and stairs and removal of the old treb3. Battlegrounds first objective is fun, the second got a giant slope which makes it boring.
    You guys are doing a great job with new patches and bugfixes etc lately, which I love. But your art department really does have to fix theese new maps, they’re not fun in the slightest.

  • Indeed. The Fortification Map contest is only in Stage 1. Stage 2 will be the maps to go into the game. These maps are at a valuable stage (alpha/beta) where feedback is necessary. We will be elaborating on feedback as requested, and providing more through the second round.

    We compiled feedback off people that were familiar, and unfamiliar with the maps. If there are questions about any of it, we will be answering it in those threads.

    Coldfront and Outpost have workshop threads as well, and went through a similar process internally.

    We will be going through and clarifying over the next few weeks.

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