Pavise shield

  • As much as I hate archers that much I feel bad for those that take the pavise with them. Sure it provides some protection while on your back (got arrow stuck up my anus quite a few times so it’s not 100% protection) but when deployed 90% of times it instantly shatters and the rest of times it will shatter fives seconds later.

    I’m not sure how exactly it is supposed to work but the pavise should pretty much remain there permanently once deployed and only shatter when enemies destroy it. I suppose that it could expire when the owner deploys a new one after death but not based on time it remained deployed.

    That all, if anything just fix the insta shattering….

    Fun fact: What is in-game called the tower shield is actually the pavise shield and the one archer has is just another type of it. The tower shield is more of a Greek era shield.

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