Mana Warfare Source Code

  • Hey everyone since I don’t have time anymore to work on this mod for one of my favorite games. I’d figured I’d share the source code with the community. (Note: this was my first ever coding project, so don’t expect anything amazing ;P)

    I’m not sure how up to date this is or if it will even compile with the recent SDK changes, but maybe someone will find it useful for their project. I’d love to see some more code mods for Chivalry!

    I got into game development about a year ago to actually mod Chivalry and it’s how I discovered my love for it. If you are interested in game development I can’t give enough praise for getting into modding. I’m currently working with Kimiko on a game called Tabletop Simulator, you can check it out on steam:

  • Thanks for posting, i might take a look at it :D

  • Its very kind of you Mr Knil to share the source code. I have a few notepads here full of my written programs.
    As some of you might know coding in “C” was very addictive after seeing a compiled program work after weeks
    of work at the logic and custom made functions. If you start dreaming of your coding problems like chess games
    then take a holiday as you deserve it tbh.

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