Self criticism

  • In light of this map competition and the feedback TB has been giving to the competitors I think it would be fair if TB judged their own maps(Coldfront, Outpost, Battlegrounds, Hillside) and be honest with themselves.

    I just hate it when TB pushes out something and consideres it a done deal. There is the danger that bugs and imbalancesmight be permanent and become a part of “the game”.

    So I’d like to take this chance to open up the discussion for further changes that can be made to already exsisting maps before we can call them finished or done.

    This is from a while ago somethings are still relevant others are not not.

    This one is recent.

    No idea about Coldfront since it bogs down my FPS.

  • Less fog. Better texture quality. Done.

  • With such a generous prize fund TB has to make certain they are value for money tbh. If this was my money I’d
    expect the winners to walk on water. Bear in mind the winner or winners could even use this as a valid portfolio
    towards a great job in the gaming industry or even finance a small game they want to produce themselves.

  • i think optimized gameplay should be key… the maps kill frames. Most custom maps i’ve played on grant me 120fps solid. TB’s maps USED to but not anymore.

  • What can I say… It’s been since…

  • All I want on a new map is 90fps stable…

  • Coldfront is one big lagfest. The map looks amazing but I can’t play the objective with 30 FPS (15-20 in combat). I have everything on low, I’m playing in windowed mode and my FPS is usually somewhere around 90 to 120. Coldfront is by far the worst optimized map.

  • Any map is better than coldfront.

  • @Edmund:

    Any map is better than coldfront.

    I will take lag-front over shit-a-del ANY day of the week thank you…

  • Citadel got quite a few changes, one even being recent that changed it hard. I’m sure Torn Banner will be tweaking the new maps.

  • Citadel is awesome! But yeah was pretty badly optimised.

    Same with Coldfront. Personally I don’t have any problems but people complain alot about bad fps. Might be because of all the catapult rocks flying around and all the wounded/dead/running AI soldiers. Not sure. Needs some polish.

  • Cold Front is using many DW assets and only received one graphic tune that I know of which was Andrew going through and actually fleshing it out beyond the early alpha blocks. He did a great job making it look great but obviously needs polishing. But it’s my favorite map now (beside Whitenest) because it has the most fun objectives, but it does need some balance tweaking too I think. Destroying the door is far too easy and the king needs faster health regen IMO. I’m not sure if the ballistae should be destroyed after 2nd obj or not to help the king too. The ballistae and catapult do regen over time, just takes longer. I think destroying the gate should be much harder and more focus on capturing the crank. The crank and siege tower fights are the most fun parts of this game IMO.

  • @TheUndying:

    Citadel is awesome!

    Sure in theory it is, and sure it is a fun map. Actually my balance concerns with citadel were for the most part dealt with that last patch that balanced it, Only problem I have now is fps on that map…

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