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    Let’s be honest, we are new to the marketing game. We’ve done the things that we know how to so far, leveraging gaming journalism, youtube and social networking as well as some online advertising, but we’re looking for more ideas and suggestions. This came about because we as a team were talking about marketing and trying to figure out how we could “get good at it”, when we remembered how we got good at making games- by listening to our community.

    So this is an open appeal, perhaps some of you are marketing focused or maybe you just really want to help and have some awesome ideas. Which ever is the case, we’d love to hear what you have to say on the topic and really appreciate your input!

    This day, I ask you to fight for the Torn Banner.

  • I’ve already been working on that.

    I invited all 100+ people on my Steam friends to the Chivalry group, got them all beta keys, posted on several forums, and while playing other games such as GW2, casually announced in Map chat about an an awesome new game coming.

    Also bumped into Jedi Academy and told them all of a new game that they’d probably enjoy.

  • Something small companies seem to overlook - or maybe there just aren’t enough indie devs making competitive games like this - is the free publicity of competition. How often do you hear anyone talking about competitive sprinting, or volleyball, or swimming, or really anything but the common spectators sports of football, basketball, etc.? And yet when the Olympics roll around everyone is talking about something they otherwise don’t care about at all, because it’s considered the pinnacle of international competition. The same is very much true of video games IMO - and these days most game devs have realized this potential and don’t leave things up to third parties and community organization as much as they used to - they get in early themselves and sponsor their own tournaments to get things started, to get their game recognized in competitive scenes quicker and show just how awesome they can be to watch.

    I’ve said it numerous times before, but I think Chivalry is the absolute most amazing game to watch, far more entertaining than Dota2 which I happen to watch a lot of. And that’s a game with developers who’ve sponsored a $1,000,000 grand prize tournament. Obviously TBS can’t offer that kind of prize, but people are more than happy to compete just for the competition, and whatever they can offer (tournament champion helmets, free DLC when there is some, would ensure a high level of interest and participation in the community, and if done right - with improved spectator mode and as many people streaming it as you can get - will leak out to non-players and get them interested and buying the game as well; not to mention the snowball effect it has once you show how competitive your game can be and it gets third parties hosting their own tournaments with actual cash prizes at no expense to you guys, and if those tournaments are successful enough you could even draw some of the well known teams from big gaming leagues to your game, and bring some of their numerous followers with them.

    One other thing I’d recommend which isn’t really related to marketing but still involves long-term profit; hire some more artists and make a bunch of cosmetic DLC. It’s almost sickening how much people love that stuff - myself included :( - and Chivalry’s very versatile quasi-medieval setting gives virtually limitless options for new armor and costume pieces. This also ties in to the above as a very easy tournament prize option. The more shiny things your game has to wear, the more an exclusive shiny thing makes people drool. Your game doesn’t have to be F2P or have its own cash shop for cosmetic DLC to work. I always thought most of Killing Floor’s purchasable characters weren’t worth the price tag, but plenty of people must’ve disagreed with me because whenever I played it, it seemed like 90% of the players had purchased some.

  • what’s about the german’s medieval events ? there you could promote your game !

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl … GUC4kbmvIw

  • One of the things Borderlands has been doing very well at recently is offering “keys” which unlock in game content - these keys are only obtained by engaging in social media, which encourages participation in the community. In Chivalry this would have to translate into custom helmets, custom emblems, things of that nature, but it’s an idea that has merit in my opinion.

    Another strategy that works well with respect to galvanizing your fanbase (and to keep the conversation centered on your product) is to remember that it’s OK to poke the hornet’s nest from time to time. People in the forums tend to get touchy on the subject of Chivalry vs. Mount & Blade or War of the Roses. Ask a simple question like “MB and CMW both have involved combat systems, but which one is kinder to the swordsman?” on Twitter/FB, and watch the debates fly. My social media professor used to goad his fanbase with questions like these often, and it really kept the mentions up.

    Reach out to some of the current favs of (independent) internet gamer culture, maybe some that are known for putting up funny videos or reviews, and offer them a free copy to try. I’m sure you are already doing this, I just wanted to stress the smaller, more versatile personalities who have a strong following of loyal viewers, where one word of recommendation could expose willing viewers to the game.

    Running a few demo servers (a la Tribes) is a great way to give those who have heard about the game a chance to crack some skulls and really see what Chivalry is all about. Weapons and classes are limited, as are the playing modes, and the kids at school will have each other downloading the demo in no time, and bringing along their friends for some medieval smackdowns.

    Humor. Have a small team whip up some quick and easy vids using the characters from the game (a pre-battle speech, or a Pixar-like short where two meet on the battlefield but end up becoming friends, only to accidentally offend one another and kill each other all the same, etc), and release these shorts on the website, youtube channel, spread via your social media outlets, keep the fanbase interested. If you need some sample copy, or voice work for these, I’m always available and would love to help.

  • -|DeD|-Clan members and regs are coming down on their own to support the game. Sir DeD LynX is amongst them! … the word is spread!

  • I think that the number of players will rise exponentially: Friends will notice their friends buying/playing Chivalry and ask what’s that game and then they will buy it and their friends will notice and so on. There’s a lot of clans and communities around, 22nd has 6-7 guys that already have the game but I’m sure there will be 20 more since we’ve been advertising the game on our site and so on.

    Also never underestimate reviews: Once you get some high profile reviews on different gaming sites/magazines, you’ll get publicity. If you still haven’t send free copies to the major gaming sites/magazines, do it.

    Torn Banner shouldn’t underestimate themselves when it comes to marketing… C:MW is one awesome game and I’m very sure it will succeed financially. If you don’t have the experience in marketing, what about hiring someone who does?

  • A small thing everyone can do is promote it to friends, write a review at steam saying how good it is, write a good review of the game at your favorite gaming site. People are often interested in games with score higher than 80 or so around.

    SlyGoat you are correct about tornaments, but it may or may not be good. You need lots of clans well known who are interested, mostly I don’t think that’s going to happen here.

  • Have Chivalry be on the front of Steam’s store for a week. This will definitely give more interest. War of the Roses did this. It was relatively unknown until they put the game up for preorders and it was on the front of the Steam store. That’s when everyone wanted to try it.

    So perhaps have Steam advertise the game, maybe in a little popup you get when you sign in to Steam or something? Steam is really your best bet in getting this game popular. Word of mouth can help, yes, but having it plastered on Steam would really raise the bar in interest.

  • @Mkilbride:

    I’ve already been working on that.

    I invited all 100+ people on my Steam friends to the Chivalry group, got them all beta keys, posted on several forums, and while playing other games such as GW2, casually announced in Map chat about an an awesome new game coming.

    Also bumped into Jedi Academy and told them all of a new game that they’d probably enjoy.

    we’ve got a real fanboi here! :D good job mate :P

  • Consider doing a Free Weekend on Steam (like many games did recently, even big titles like Saints Row the 3rd and Modern Warfare 3). I guess Steam encodes “it’s” games well enough so you don’t have to worry about piracy.

    You should be sure the game runs great, though. Nothing sadder than a great game that peope don’t play because they played a version that wasn’t polished and never tried again.

    Or people who played Age of Chivalry and fear that the game has the same issues (like counter-intuitive/problematic hit detection, slow regeneration etc., no crosshair) and don’t try out Chivalry.

  • Its too early for freeweeks but i’d definitely say that you should promote your game on Steam any way possible, get the steam location up and get valve to plaster your gamelogo on the mainpage for a few days.

    As for the free weekend stuff there is one developer should truly deserves credit for it and it is
    Tripwire Interactive, many free weekends and not years into their games like IW with Cod etc but almost months after launch continuously for Killing Floor and Red Orchestra.

  • You Could do a IAMA On Reddit…

    People love that shit… and its free publicity as long as your not like… Hey buy my game.p.

    you have to answer the questions. If you are to Focused on “Selling” people will drowned you like rampart o.O

  • I would get some friendly devs and players together and make a server for the reviewers to play in. They might be overwhelmed if they just play on a random public server. Good review scores are some of the best marketing you can have.

    I would also link to this forum on your Steam page instead of the default Steam forum, for obvious reasons.

  • :cheers: SHIRTS
    With the torn banner logo on the front and the art work on the web sight on the back
    ppl walk around advertising Torn Banner and Chivalry This game is going to be Big i know its bringing akot of ppl from BF3 MWF first shoters the game Play alone it EPIC


  • Why wasnt the Game earlier on Steam? A Steampage with Preorder, and maybe an Advertisement on the Frontpage at the “New-Games-Section” would help alot.

  • Also consider showing up on the “on sales page” and therefore the frontpage(like 10%). Also consider a christmass deal.

  • Also, consider giving everyone who pre-ordered on Kickstarter another copy to give to friends.

  • You could try to make an account on sites like deviantART.com and upload some of your amazing art. I am quite sure they would receive some attention and if you manage to get your stuff on the main page of most popular today many thousands would view the art. And then you could have a description about the art and the game and so forth. That would at least spread the word a bit.

  • @Swarlos:

    Consider doing a Free Weekend on Steam (like many games did recently, even big titles like Saints Row the 3rd and Modern Warfare 3). I guess Steam encodes “it’s” games well enough so you don’t have to worry about piracy.

    Not entirely true , but nothing to worry about indeed , still disscusing it is a bit off topic …

    I am suggesting - reuploading as much as possible the ‘‘Release Date Trailer’’ by different people , well if someone wants to reupload it more times I guess is better .
    Also puttong more tags makes it more watchable & also periodically changing the tags . Fake tags also helps (of course 3rd party accounts I mean for the last) .
    Not only in youtube , but & in other video sharing sites aswell .

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