We want YOUR help Marketing the Game!

  • If anybody is interested I make montages of my battles in Chivalry!
    They’re called: Chivalry Medieval Madness Montage ! I believe that I bring out the things that are cool, funny and generally why you should buy the game!

    So if anybody wants to check it out here is a link to my channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/DelusionalGamer I greatly appreciate any help from the audience! :D

  • Ok, ok, I’m making a gameplay vid since you ask so nicely. And since the game is very good and deserves to be known.

  • Make a free map pack… People will see the activity of the game devs, and see that there are new maps, and they will probably buy it.

  • I believe when they get out the mod tools to the community you will see a bunch of new maps. People are already showing great interest in creating maps for this game. If they get those tools out to the community I think you will see this game explode.

  • I posted a link to the official site + steam page on some french LARP forums.
    I have practiced Live Action Role Playing for almost 20 years now, and I know that my friends would enjoy this game.

    LARP community is a good target during winter season ^^

  • Ive gotten a lot of my friends into it by simply word of mouth :) Explaining how fun it is does the trick for many. But streaming is also another venue that is unexplored atm. Im streaming currently, but there does not seem to be much interest in viewers.
    twitch.tv/smashiesmash for those who are interested. Ive managed to get it to run really smoothly (45-60 fps)

  • I’ve been posting on forums in my country and telling people how awesome this game is. Good product always finds it’s way and advertises itself. Like it happened with Counter Strike back in da days. Well, Counter Strike is crap compared to this game, but seems to work for many people. Have to admit that when it was released, it was revolutionary with it’s no-respawn-one-shot-one-kill approach. But I hope Chivalry becomes as popular as CS, because it deserves to. Just keep adding content, ATM it’s a bit content light (maps).

    People who are interested in this game are fans of movies like Braveheart, Gladiator. Generally medieval enthusiasts. RPG fans and such. Maybe metal music fans. Maybe try to advertise on some websites related to those.

  • Put pressure on epic to get cracking on the linux client/server export. For servers this is optimal!, but there is alot of money coming from the linux client base!. In the meantime i got the client running under wine. The video got doubled speed for some reason so you might have to pause to get the bits you need to get it working. Its not the most fluid gameplay atm, its borderline unplayable, but if you dont do to many things at once you can sort of play. You like kind of need to stand still for it.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/51vbrfaht3i6h … t-Only.zip


    Also having linux server support you could possibly bump maxplayer to an interesting amount. So that you could do counterstrike type maps, objective+lts with like 64 vs 64. Ok that might be to much but you get the idea =).

  • I have been letting all my friends know by word of mouth. Everyone I tell seems interested, mainly because this game is a breath of fresh air compared to other re-hashed contemporary titles that are out now. Hopefully, they will join. thanks for the great game!

  • What I think you are doing is working well. When you log on steam you see Chivalry at the top where it lists all the main games that are being played/sale. As long as you keep the game up there, you’ll continue to make sales as the word of mouth of the game has spread like wild fire. Also with youtubers like Seananners making game play videos saying that this game is awesome, it also helps. There is not much else you really can do to make the game more marketable than what you are doing now.

  • @Tibberius:

    Chivalry owes 80% of its success to youtube. That wouldn’t work if the game wasn’t fun to play and fun to watch as well, so its not enough on it own. But a fun game that is fun to watch + the power of youtube is what is working for us.

    Because of how true this is, the best thing you can do is help enable your devoted fans to spread the joy of Chivalry to all of the world’s medieval battle craving gamers. Release some fan media resources! Even simple pictures that you guys use as resources can make a huge difference.

  • The first shoutcast for the Dark Age Gaming NA Primitus tournament is up here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzIaC1WSUFU

  • Im running a game server rented at 4netplayers.de, still missing the offer to rent a chivalry server there.

    So make chivalry available at more serverhosters.
    Server admins will be attracted and mostly come together with their own gaming community.

  • @Sir:

    Im running a game server rented at 4netplayers.de, still missing the offer to rent a chivalry server there.

    So make chivalry available at more serverhosters.
    Server admins will be attracted and mostly come together with their own gaming community.

    It’s completely up to server companys to host it. There is no cost, just loads of companys didn’t see the game taking off as it did, so they offered limited to no support.

    What would help marketing is keeping the price low. I know my friend and I only bought it because it was $12-16 during steam november sales. The game didn’t look worth $30 and it isn’t since it is still buggy and unpolished.

  • I got two friends to buy the game, but to be frank, they weren’t very enthousiastic when they first saw the trailers on Steam. And to be honest, neither was I. The first time I saw the trailers I thought “damn, this is slow and boring”. Then I watched a review on youtube with a guy playing and talking, and it got me more into the spirit of the game. His enthousiasm is what got me to buy it, and I’ve been loving it ever since.

    Perhaps the trailer should be something a bit more fun? I’m not sure how, but it needs to show the best parts of the game more. Because once you give it a chance, it’s awesome. But that’s the thing. People need to be concinved at first sight.
    Also I don’t think the trailer really helps explain how you can actually control your swings well, and alternate between attacks. I assumed it would be a really stiff, boring, single attack. Which it’s obviously not. I’m just saying the trailer doesn’t really bring that across. Especially with this type of games I think people need to be concinced of the control you actually have over the attacks, and that it’s not just crappy and random.

    Here’s the review that got me to buy the game. Perhaps you could get some inspiration from it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=EduW957BUyY#t=1374s

  • I had a server on BF3 for about a month, and the whole time, I had a Banner with the Chivalry background on it saying, and I quote " THIS GAME TURNED ME AWAY FROM BF3, AND IS MY NEW, 2,000 + HOUR GAME" People would message me, asking what was up with my banner, and I told them that the game was just so great, that I HAD to tell people about it…. Long story short, I don’t play Battlefield anymore xD ;)

  • advertise on tv like spike or comedy central tv

  • hello

    fan of your game

    I am a girl why you made ??skins for girl?

    we are entitled to play this game we girl lol
    I am French
    thank you to you


  • Hello i am a fan from Taiwan.

    I just want to say this game looks good (much better than AOC and i am about to buy one) but it may need more ways to the payment.

    I mean, to get this game from steam is convenient but please note that not everyone has credit card, especially students? :?

    Now I have to borrow the card from my brother to get this game… :? I prefer to buy it form the game store, and, I am very sure I am not the only one has this problem because I have seen many people complain about it, we have cash, but just we don’t have the card so we can’t get the game…OMG

    Just a suggestion maybe you can provide other ways for the payment besides steam and credit card.

    Thank you for the understanding!! :berz:

  • You need your clients to register their email, then send them a special referral code. If they get someone to sign up, they get skins for armor and weapons that aren’t available to the general public.

    You have the Warband demographic already. But that kind of indie appeals to a smaller audience. If you want to mainstream you can make some brutal gameplay compilation videos for youtube. Everyone loves a good decapitation.

    Also, improve gamepad support. Let it be customized. There are more people that play with controllers in the world than keyboard and mouse. Even if PC gamers are your demographic, a lot of them love to use gamepads due to the intuitive response.

    Oh and any way you can get your name with Game of Thrones. Whether it be letting mods in or whatever will attract fans, which means everyone.

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