Directx9 causing lag on my system?

  • Hello,

    Essentially my problem is that chivalry lags like crazy on my computer. Although the game is playable on the lowest graphics, it still lags, and is unplayable when there are too many players in the server.

    I wanted to know if it is possible to run Chivalry Medieval Warfare on a lower directx level? I understand that it automatically runs in 9.0, but is it possible to run it on 8.0?

    I have scanned all the web on this matter, but so far people seem to be concerned on how to run chivalry on a HIGHER directx level than 9.0. I, however, want to run it on a directx level LOWER than 9.0.

    Here are my computer specifications:

    Windows edition: Windows 7 Ultimate, Copyright 2009.
    Manufacture: Hewlett-Packard
    Processor: Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2180
    2.00 GHz
    Installed memory (RAM): 2.00GB
    System type: 32- bit Operating System

    I purchased the computer in 2007.

    Attached is the dxdiag. I also tried to attach the launch.log file, but the system kept failing to upload that file here.

  • Why would you want to do that? In any case dx9 is or has been a standard compatibility target for a long time and I doubt you would have much success using ancient dx8.

  • Well, my computer isn’t that good. It runs directx8 MUCH better than directx9. In the video game vindictus, for example, my computer lags like crazy when running it on directx9. The game does, however, have an option to run it on directx8. When directx8 is selected, my computer runs it just fine (albeit on minimum graphics setting).

  • Interesting! I want to test this out too.

  • @Tyoson:

    Interesting! I want to test this out too.

    Do you mean you want to test out decreasing the directx level to 8.0? Do you know how to do it?

  • i dont think unreal 3 supports that

    dx9 and up

    vindictus if im not mistaken ran on source which still has a hidden dx8 option

    fun fact the old build of Half Life 2 (before it was updated to the orange box build) could run on dx 6

  • Woah. That is a fun fact :D

  • Having a quick look through the UE documentation I can’t see any way to force chivalry to use dx8

  • Well I tried to force any level of DX but it would only load to 9, 10 and 11. This is how to do it but 8 and 81 didnt work, it would load to 9.

    1. open steam library and right click on to chivalry.
    2. choose properties.
    3. choose “Set Launch Options”.
    4. In the window type: -dx11 and save.
    5. Start Chivalry and test it out.

  • My computer definitely will not run directx11; it has trouble with directx9 as it is. Thank you all for your helpful posts. At least now I know that I can’t reduce the directx to directx8. Everyone was helpful except for that one troll…

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